Daily Love of God

Daily Love of God, BBYCGN

Daily Love of God –

He breathes, daily,

His precious love

into my soul;


my cup

is overflowing,

and so is my bowl!


Protecting me tenderly

through the darkest

of every night,


He keeps

my spirit unflinching;

yet, my ego simple and contrite.


His blessings

of peace and joy

I continue to find within,


in accordance

with the faith He bestows,

that I daily ask of Him!


Daily Love of God

It is a matter of my asking Him, daily, for what I need (or wants), and not just simply taking it for granted that because ‘He already knows all of my desires‘, that He will do ‘this or that’ for me automatically, even without my asking Him. He wants me to take the initiative to actually communicate with Him about these things.

He converses back, and forth, with us. We only need listen! His Words will always correspond with the Truths in The Bible; (in case we ever question if The Voice is truly His, or merely our own thoughts).

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Daily Love of God, BBYCGN


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