Dream On!

Dream On! BBYCGN

Dream On!

A dream wished upon;
longingly, coping with care;
losing hope is never an option,
nor a possibility to minutely dare!


A dream of magnificence,
charming this heart to bear on strong;
its lingering time not a boring dread,
but a sweet anticipation to inspire along!


A wondrous dream living in this soul,
inspiring each heavily, burdensome step;
no tiresome, or wearisome, dusty road
will render such a hope even vaguely inept!


A breathtaking dream filling every sense with wonder;
nothing wasted if this dream dies in the rough,
for it has given this hopeful heart such splendor,
that the joy of this dream, in itself, is enough!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Dream On! BBYCGN


  1. You’ve taken us along on a beautifully enticing journey, Tamara. Oh, the gorgeous vistas you paint!

    We are aspirational, aren’t we? Each sentence, richly satisfying, and inspiring hope of even better on the next page. Keep reading – I just finished another chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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