Soar! Freedom

Soar, Freedom


Freedom is within

our grasp;

it is not a question

of whether

we have

the capacity to fly;

but rather,

it is a question

of whether

we will continue

to abide

in the stagnation

of our oppression

by choosing

to self-sabotage,

and therefore,


our natural,

God-Given ability

to open up

our wings,


truly soar.

Copyright ©BBYCGN


Soar, Freedom


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  1. Thus unshackled, Tamara, we wonder at our “new” selves, so smoothly competent, so fleet of foot!

    How is this even possible?

    It’s possible because it always was. Enlightenment’s cleansing showers wash away a lifetime of doubts, layered on by us and by others.

    Freed, we soar, restrained no longer by what authors of yore termed, “mind-forge’d Manacles!”

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