Forward march the brave survivors of Narcissist Abuse;

We will, one day, come out into the light;

no longer the recluse!


Slowly, we will awaken to wondrous freedom and joy;

we have left the misery of darkness;

no longer the predator’s play-toy.


Each moment, no matter how mundane,

is now lived richer and fuller;

we are free from our oppressor’s reign! 


Survivors Rock!

Romans 15:13

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Survivors Poetry


Survivors Poetry


Survivors Poetry


Survivors Poetry


Survivors Poetry, Yancosky

Survivors, Tamara Yancosky


Cats Want To Kill Us – Poetry Set To Popular Music


  1. You are very talented. Your poetry is unique.

    I didn’t know whether you saw my post about “him” lately, about him wanting to bring the argument forward on a radio show he did back in January, that borderlines are Narcs.
    Anyway I decided to do a post about it, because I feel he is spreading stigma.

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    1. I will go and check it out. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. He thinks everything he says is the gospel, as do all Narcissists. But, his truth is mostly all lies; in fact, ya… they are ‘all’ lies. He’s a Sociopath. He’s either trying to stir up drama, or create controversy which, in turn, will increase his popularity. Remember, they don’t care if they’re hated or loved, as long as they’re not ignored for the empty shells that they are. I mean nothing personal against him, but it’s a known fact that Narcissists are empty shells who have to take on others’ identities to even ‘fit in’.

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  2. “We will, one day, come out into the light”

    That “one day” is here, Tamara. After struggles unimaginable, you’re here.

    Now that you’ve reached the sunny uplands, take a moment or two to bask in the warmth, then give some though to what you want to explore first, Take your time; we’ll still be here.

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