Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

The vicious, planned abuse tactic known as the Smear Campaign can damage reputations and lives, even though they are lies, half-truths, false evidence and fabrications.

The Smear Campaign also hurts the victim’s self-esteem, as everything and anything, except the truth, spreads about causing ridicule, embarrassment, loss of reputation, and/or loss of respect.

False accusations are a ruthless and deplorable way to compromise validity against the victim speaking out about the Narcissist’s Abuse. Vicious lies added to bits of truth make the rumors or claims that much more believable.

A wide-range smearing can be well in the legal realm which will make any legal petitions brought up against the Narcissist, by the slandered victim, futile. This is because Narcissists and Sociopathic Personalities are such accomplished “beep-beep-beeps”.

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

These dangerous personalities assemble false evidence against their victims, and often will use ignorant witnesses known as Flying Monkeys and Enablers as backup-support to collaborate these underhanded Smear Campaigns.

Narcissists, having seared consciences. They wield zero amounts of humanity or ability to experience remorse. Thus, our pleadings, getting even, threatening court proceedings, or slashing their tires will prompt no backing down.

These above endeavors will create a whole new host of problems for us in which the enemy will use to his/her advantage. Such responses and any attention given to their schemes serves to make these Dark Personalities feel even more powerful. It supplies them with the fuel that they find so tasty. Yum. Yum. 

When one has no voice of conscience, the darkest, most unthinkable acts are likely. No matter how angry we are because of their unscrupulous behavior toward us, any revenge attempted toward them will only bite us in the *ss.

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

The 3 Helpful Tips that we might use to help ourselves against the Smear Campaign might be to:


1). Keep a written, dated records of what the Abuser does or says, ETC., so if it comes down to court proceedings, or even explaining to others our side, documentation is available.

Try to document everything and keep whatever the Abuser sends to us. Hold on to this evidence, even if things calm down. Sometimes when we are least expecting it, the predator will strike, again.


2). Ignore the entire situation and continue to go about our lives knowing that we know the truth, and God knows the truth, and this is all the validation (or calling to clear our name), that we need.

I know that ignoring this kind of intentional harm is hard to do, but one day, they will get their just rewards unless they become accountable for the harm they have done, and change, which Narcissists and Sociopathic Personalities do not take part.

Sometimes, in not showing any response to these personalities, they will move on to someone else who will give them the reactions they need… (nummy-nummy attention).


3). Pray and put it in God’s Hands with sincere faith and trust. This solution should be number one, along with the other above operations!

In life, we do the best we can.

And yes, despite this, monsters still exist.

But life goes on.

Hardships, monsters, injustice, and many other horrible things are a part of life. (In my experiences, ceaseless prayer is the best defense against evil).

So, we face them, overcome, and continue.

We also find joy, hope, great pleasure, and wondrous satisfaction.

This, too, is life.

We move on. We live. We love.


2 Timothy 1:7

For God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control.


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse

Smear Campaign Tips, Narcissistic Abuse


  1. I enjoy reading your blog, this article in particular.. You’re right in what you say, that as has as it must be, ignoring and shutting off from the perpetrator will often stop them in their tracks as they have no fuel to carry on. Thank you x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I am so glad to have your company, and appreciate your kind thoughts ❤

      Yes, if possible, ‘no contact’ is a significant action to take with the perpetrator.

      I am still being hoovered by a Somatic Narcissist who got married immediately after I left him, and though he’s married, he still has been attempting to get me to respond to his emails. He has been writing explicit emails to me for about 1 1/2 years, now, and I do not respond. I cannot block his email, though, because I only have a tablet device. Ignoring him is easy for me to do since I feel nothing for him, except pity. But, I do not feel enough pity for him to cause it to put myself into harm’s way. I am just surprised that, though married, he writes explicit emails which gives proof to his character even in his marriage. But, I would never use this proof against him. Ignoring him has been the best choice.

      Thank you!


    1. No, this is just a post I wrote in the past that I wanted to restore. I’m working on getting all my drafts restored and put up, so I can work on publishing a book.

      I’m just trying to help people cope with Narcissistic Abuse so they don’t feel so alone.

      What happened to your blog?


      1. I deleted it again. But then managed to get it back. I emailed wordpress and told them I made a mistake, and they were happy to recover it.


              1. That’s how you know you over them because you don’t feel anger, or anything.

                When you still care, you have anger, and you still feel upset. That’s why they like the negative fuel, because they can see someone still cares.

                I’m glad we both made it through to other side.

                That makes me happy! 😊

                Liked by 1 person

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