SeeSaw, The Fall

Seesaw, the fall

Seesaw, seesaw;

up and down!

You create big smiles;

but, you make deeper frowns.

Seesaw, seesaw;

stay on the downside, once, and for all;

this way, I won’t be up so high

when you bring me down for the fall!

Copyright ©BBYCGN


SeeSaw, The Fall

SeeSaw, The Fall

Shelter from Emotional Storm

Finding Freedom

Angry Dragon of PTSD


  1. And isn’t the seesaw just another manipulation? Why does your counterpart place himself opposite you, Down when you’re Up, then towering above you when the inevitable fall comes?

    Any relationship, be it friendship, romance, whatever, is a shared endeavor. “Let’s take this ride together.”

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    1. Indeed; I’d rather not be put on a pedestal simply to be shoved off. Being on the same ride together is where the foundation resides for mutual respect, courtesy, and love. 💕Your comments are thought-provoking!



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