Writings To Narcissists

Writings to Narcissists –

Reasons Why We Cannot Actually Send Our Closure Letters to Narcissists:

1). Our words will fuel them;

2). Our hurt or angry thoughts will not create change in the Narcissists;

3). We might be further injured, emotionally, when we receive no response, reaction, or validation to our writings of emotional outpourings;

4). Due to these Abusers’ lack of remorse, guilt, and/or ability to self-reflect, we will be helping the Narcissists save money on toilet paper as this is probably how our letters will come into use;

6). These Dark Personalities might likely display our sensitive, emotional words publicly (on social media), where they, and their Flying Monkeys, will point, laugh, and jeer while rolling around in their bassinets.

These writings to the Narcissists are an important form of therapy and recovery so that our feelings of pain and anger do not get repressed, but, it is best that we not send our written voices to these predators.

Writings, Tamara Yancosky

Writings, Tamara Yancosky

Writings, Tamara Yancosky

Writings, Tamara Yancosky

Writings, Tamara Yancosky



Tamara Yancosky


  1. You’re not actually writing to the Narcissists, though, are you, Tamara? You’re writing to yourself, to give your emotions an outlet, rather than locking them inside, causing untold damage as they careen.

    You’re writing to us, your friends, so that we (you included in that pronoun) may understand, discuss commiserate and heal.

    What good is achieved by actually writing to Narcissists? In so doing, you’d only continue their game. What a uniquely joyless and pointless “game” it is. Let the Narcissists and their helpers stew in their misery.

    You have much better things to do, like this. Or watching the 2019 Saskatchewan Bowling Championship Semi-Finals on ESPN IV, for hat matter.

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