Crumbs From Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs From Narcissists –

Upon sharing with him

her deep-seeded feelings

of confusion and pain,

she became the target

of the Narcissist’s hatred and ghosting,

and the object of his heartless disdain.


His love for her was merely for show,

and his “academy award-winning performance”,


upon their breakup,

she saw with distinct clarity,

that his personhood was eerily artificial.


His friends hungered for more

of his Smear Campaign in eager

and drooling suspense;

his words of “true love and devotion”

were utterly fake,

and all cleverly, masterminded nonsense.


His Flying Monkeys became his own personal

detectives, and diligently

noted her whereabouts;

in their minion fashion,

they frisked her for his approval,

and his crumbly, buttery handouts.


Strangely, others have the same account

when conveying the Narcissist’s

moral delinquency;

especially, the Gaslighting, Triangulation,

and Switch & Bait,

which all occur with astonishing frequency.

Crumbs From Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists will become our allotment once the Golden Phase is over. Unfortunately, we get used to these small portions, and think we deserve nothing more.

Crumbs From Narcissists

Let us learn to not settle for mere handouts of meager crumbs, while the Narcissist goes around giving everyone else rich delicacies. After all, they do call us their “soulmates”.

Small portions in normal relationships are very different from the crumbs given to us in Narcissistic relationships; in regular, healthy relationships, our partner might be giving to us all that he/she has to give, and because of the love that both parties have for each other, it is fulfilling.

Crumbs from Narcissists

However, in a relationship with a Narcissist, these kind purposely give their partners the very least amount possible, while giving out an abundance to others, in order to put on a good show; and to boot, they are wholly incapable of loving their partner, anyway, beyond a fake façade.

In a relationship with a Dark Personality, meager crumbs are all that we will ever receive once the initial Honeymoon banquet is over.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists


Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crumbs from Narcissists

Crocodile Tears


Narcissists’ Webs


  1. As the cliché reminds us, character is what we do when we think nobody is watching. Here the Narcissist’s Potemkin village collapses, as it’s clear the impression conveyed means everything, and the deed itself, nothing. Way to cheapen the deed, making it worthless, Narcissist!

    As for these crumbs, no thank you. I’m on a diet. Besides, I don’t eat garbage.

    Think about it – theses delicacies the Narcissist cooks up for others, they’re just bait, used to lure others. Upon tasting the delicacy, nothing. Like everything else in the Narcissist’s universe, it’s but an illusion. All talk, no rock.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, your kindness overwhelms. Thank you!

        You know, you planted this garden, Tamara, you watered it, you nurtured it, etc., etc.

        What did you think was going to happen? This produce didn’t grow itself.


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