Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble –

That Lime Margarita

must have

been a d-d-double;

When I got up,

I tumbled headlong

into the r-r-rubble.


Rising up, again,

I began to gracelessly

sway, teeter, and s-s-stumble;

below me, the ground

began to rock & roll,

then crack, and c-c-crumble.


My tummy sickened,

and began to toss

and g-g-grumble;

I looked into a mirror

and from my mouth,

formed a rainbow



Staring back at me,

was my twin, smiling, and

looking for some t-t-trouble;

She giggled, at me, happily,

knowing we were going to have a



I giggled right back,

and then promptly

vomited all over her.

I think it made her h-h-humble.


Double Trouble

This is entirely fiction, y’all

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Double Trouble

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  1. Ha! And creative too.

    Next, you came upon a carnival funhouse (don’t ask why you were at the circus; just go with the story). The multi-mirror turns your twin into a septuplet.

    “Oh, come on! Seriously? Never again, Margaritas!”

    Liked by 1 person

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