Voice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online Scams
Fraudulent scam-artists are among us.

Voice Changers which are most costly, and used for various purposes, from just having fun, to more serious endeavors, such as fooling others through Internet Fraud and Marketing Scams.

These Voice Changers are meticulously engineered as realistic-sounding, and do not miss a beat while in the middle of an online conversation, or a Consultation with a paying customer, or for that of phishing purposes.

Higher-end Voice Changers can change a person’s voice to sound exactly like a Female, Male, Famous Celebrity, and/or a man or woman from any country imaginable.

I suppose it would be rather embarrassing as a female, feigning a male’s deep voice on an online, audio call, and in the middle of the conversation, or even in between a disguised laughter, to suddenly have one’s own high-pitched female voice come through with a shrill giggle! LOL…

Or, Can you imagine sounding like Sylvester Stallone, and suddenly breaking out into a Minnie Mouse frenzy, only to pretend to clear your throat, and continue speaking on as Sylvester Stallone, in hopes that your listener(s) didn’t hear the Super Major Blooper??? LOL…

This is precisely the reason I would think that Marketers, and/or Fraudulent Internet Scammers might opt to spend a small fortune on a high quality Voice Changer, as opposed to purchasing cheaper ones made simply for fun.

Be careful out there, Friends, because you just never really know.

This post is not about anyone, in particular, but is simply a post on Voice Changer and their use in online scamming, in general.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Voice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online ScamsVoice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online Scams

Voice Changers, Online Scams


  1. I’ve been listening to his voice again and I definitely think that it’s been altered to some degree at least.
    Several things point to it.
    It’s too of an ideal male voice that’s sounding tweaked, almost perfectly. You don’t find a voice like that in nature. It’s too perfect.
    If you listen carefully, it changes as if it’s being tweaked as he speaks to make it more guttural, deeper at times. And then it returns to a more flat sound wave.
    If you listen to the ends of words and sentences, there occurs a slight imperfection as if the voice altering device doesn’t catch and process the last voice wave, and it ends in a normal note, out of the device.
    It could be completely manufactured too.
    And the fact that he would think of a way to conceal his identity from the beginning is one of the first things one would do is alter their voice so that people in his life don’t recognize it. He was quite adamant that it would never happen, and the only way to make sure it didn’t happen is because he changed his voice.


      1. She ended like the brilliant poet that she is..
        I’m still laughing… :))

        I’m a fan of your poetry, and I hope you self publish a book of poems one day.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. You should, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.
            And I’m sure you’ll find your audience who will buy it too.
            No, I hope to publish a lil book, tho it’s hardly going to be a book. A dry analysis of reality.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Olol, or meticulous morals of malignancy.

              I do have a WordPress blog, the link is on my twitter account, it’s under maintenance at the moment.
              As to his pictures, I think he gets them from Deviant or other creative websites often without permission (lack of accountability).
              If the picture isn’t a stock photo or where it’s not specified that it belongs to its author under copyrights, it’s a no no.
              What I do I’ll embed Instagram photos on my website which links to the original source. This way it’s not a problem and you can choose from millions of beautiful photographs.

              Liked by 1 person

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