Cops Rock!

One of my heroes stopped me, yesterday, but it wasn’t to tell me how fabulously I was driving. He actually stopped me to ask me a really good question! He wanted to know if I knew what the speed limit was. I felt bad that I couldn’t help him, but I was much too busy trying to get home as fast as I could to notice any silly speed limit signs. I was trying to drive safely by keeping my eyes on the road, not the signs!

I thought about the kind police officer’s question for a few minutes, and trying to help him, I guessed the speed limit hesitantly: “Umm, 35 mph?” “That’s correct”, replied the cop. (I got it right on my first guess)!

Then he asked me if I knew how fast I was going (his speed-machine thing must’ve been broken). I answered, hesitantly, “Umm, 45 mph?” “More like 55mph”, he kindly interjected. (I guess his speed-machine wasn’t broken).

Astonished, I replied, “Oh! Well, the thing is… I had to get home fast because I’m almost out of gasoline, and I don’t feel like stopping to get gas. So, I need to get home before I run completely out!” “Driving faster”, he assured me, “won’t help you to not run out of gasoline.” shocked, I asked, “Really???”. He shook his head, thoughtfully. I wanted to ask him out.


I had never been stopped by one of my heroes in my whole life; but just like in the movies, he asked to see my driver’s license, car registration, and proof of insurance, as he pointed to my glove compartment.

He, then, told me to “sit tight” and he went to his car to check out my information. It took awhile. He probably couldn’t find me in any records since I’ve never been stopped by a hero in my whole, entire life.

Sitting there, I felt a bit sad that I was wasting this cop’s time when I know I’m just a zany nobody, and all. I know that he had much more significant people to stop. Yet, there he was, making me feel like a somebody.

I started crying. I looked out my rear view mirror and the police officer and his partner were talking among each other. I thought to myself, “I love cops; they totally Rock! They are so kind.” And, I continued to cry.



A few minutes later, my hero came back to my car, and told me to roll down my window a bit more. I was nervous, and suddenly couldn’t figure out how to do that. So, he explained it to me. (I wanted to ask him out, so bad!).

He asked me why I was crying, and I stammered, “I-I-I’m sorry for speeding.” He was  so sweet. He replied, “Don’t be sorry… listen, I’ve got good news, and bad news. You’re not going to get a traffic ticket, so you won’t get a point against you… but, I am going to give you a fix-it ticket because your insurance is expired. You’ll have a whole 30 days to take care of that, though.” I loved him.

I was grateful and sung out, through tears, “I’ll never, ever, ever speed, again… against the speed limit… NEVER.” And then, I added “But, I did just pay my insurance for six entire months so I know it’s not expired”. Then suddenly, my intuition told my to “be quiet and respectful”, and I said, “but, yes… yes… I will take care of this fix-it ticket, for sure, and never, ever speed, again… and thank you… thank you so, so much!”



I sat in my car for a few minutes grateful to The Lord that I didn’t get a ticket, and thankful that the officers took off the opposite way I was headed because I sure didn’t want to get stopped, again, by the same officers since I was so nervous, and possibly driving erratically, now.

I love all of my heroes. Even if he had given me a ticket, I would still love my heroes! They are just doing their job, and keeping other people safe from people like me!

Heroes Rock! 





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Tamara Yancosky

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