Labor Pains, Smear Campaigns

Labor Pains –

Before the birth of Smear Campaigns

comes forth the misery of the labor pains

suffered by former followers, who now, resist

the ever vengeful Narcissist.

Labor Pains of Smear Campaigns

Labor Pains of Smear Campaigns

Followers of the Narcissist are dangerously devoted to this authority figure (or, “victim” imposter), and it creates an energetic passion for these devotees to obey the Dark Personality, at almost any cost to themselves, or more willingly, to others (whether it be financial, physical, spiritual, mental, and/or emotional).

Wised-up followers who walk away, or even worse, rebel or threaten to expose the Diabolical Entity, are “the vilest of monsters”, and abused by the Narcissist, and his/her comrade of present followers.

Suffering vicious harassment, stalking and bullying by the Narcissist, and most assuredly, by his/her Flying Monkeys, even before Smear Campaigns are born, the targeted recipients, not the deliverers, are the ones to suffer the labor pains.

Labor Pains of Smear Campaigns… suck.


By duh way, thith ith, sKYlaR, Tamara’s puddy tat, n’ me dont like Narthithists. Me twied to tear off fathe of lath scoundrel her wath dating… just thayin’” Luv, SkÿLaR, Da Puddy Tat. hUgz. 🐱 

Labor Pains, Tamara Yancosky

Labor Pains of Smear Campaigns

Narcissistic Abuse, Yancosky

Labor Pains, Tamara Yancosky

Labor Pains of Smear Campaigns

Labor Pains, Tamara Yancosky

Labor Pains of Smear Campaigns

Naughty Skylar, Puddy Tat

Spilling Emotions

PTSD Dragon

Tamara Yancosky and SkYlAr, Da Puddy Tat


      1. Some are parasols but most are actual brollies that I use for sun protection … unfortunately we rarely get rain so it’s good to get some use out of them as an accessory!! Hope all is well with you and yours!!
        Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

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  1. The Narcissist didn’t reckon, though, you’d be able to resist, overcome and, ultimately, to move beyond.

    When he’s unable to douse your hope. curiosity and idealism, the Narcissist has lost. The truer you are to yourself, to your true nature, Tamara, the deeper into the shadows the Narcissist retreats.

    It never has been this difficult before, eh, Narcissist?

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      1. Your sentiment exhilarates, Tamara. Thanks!

        It’s worth noting, you started this. Had you not “Liked” something posted somewhere, I likely never would’ve found your site.

        Instead, the odds defied, here we are! See, sometimes good things do happen.

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    1. Thank you, Serene. Victim Blaming is the worst and tends to make me really angry. I should know, by now, not to react, but sometimes it’s so hard not to. I’m sorry you are going through this. I’ve been through it to last more than an entire lifetime, so I understand.

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  2. I agree. It does seem like a lot of people want to be classified as a super empath or empath.

    I have empathy and I have narcissistic traits. I think I would fall more into the category of a normal person.

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    1. Ya, nowadays it’s the new “thing” where everyone wants to be a Super Duper Empath. And, the ones that actually call themselves that make me hope I am NOT one. Yes, same. I’m a bit of both; and just a normal person, living a life of simplicity in which I am truly grateful and blessed.

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