Rising To The Occasion

Rising To The Occasion

Rising To The Occasion –

During the high adrenaline rush,

it becomes instinctively easier

to have the strength of heart

to dramatically rise against all odds,

as well as against particularly nasty influences.

However, the nature of our character

shows forth its truest colors

when we are in a phase of mundane,

humdrum lifelessness,

and yet, we still rise up,

conquering our nothingness

to continue making the most noble

of choices

(even if doing so comes with great difficulty

when energy-bursting passion is absent).

And, in this way,

we are poetically rising to the occasion!

Copyright BBYCGN

Rising to the OccasionRising to the Occasion

Eagle’s Wings – Soldiers Tribute

Paladins Strike – Firefighters Tribute

Modern Day Heroes

Rising To The Occasion


  1. Never considered things that way, Tamara, yet now, it makes so much sense.

    Just as character is what we do when we think nobody’s watching, perseverance and will truly emerge only when the wind drops and emotion no longer tosses us.

    Of all the trials we face, indolence often is the most daunting because it comes from within. It isn’t somebody’s else’s challenge we must meet, it’s our own.

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