Upside Down!

Upside Down

Living upside down,

I think, would be rather fair;

yet, when I mention

this thought to my friends,

they say that I am already there.


If I lived upside down, (like having a sixth sense),

I would strictly become aware

of all the cat vomit

and chewing gum

getting tangled inside my hair.


But, this would be a small burden

well worth the grimy, frowned upon namesake;

in fact, all debris that would goop up my hair,

I would proudly consider

a dearly cherished keepsake!


“Why do you wish to live life, upside down”, ask friends,

”upon your head, miles, after miles?”

”So, then”, I simply tell them,

“all the many frowns, I come upon,

would be turned-upward, into smiles, after smiles!”

Copyright ©BBYCGN


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  1. The cat vomit & chewing gum wouldn’t be too cool, but so much in the world doesn’t make sense so it would probably seem more logical upside down 😂 I LOVE the ending, all the frowns turned upside down, perfect!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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