Appliances meet the needs of Narcissists, and these so-called appliances are none other than the Narcissist’s victims.

I do not want to give the Narcissist too much credit by saying that he, solely, is the reason for my lengthy recovery process. No, my suffering did not come from him, alone.

The credit goes to the fact that, besides him, there were other Narcissists whom I had fallen in-love with, as well, after their Love Bombing circuses had their way into my world of what I thought was true love– one directly after the other. (Of course, I did not know that they were Dark Personality Disordered Individuals, then. I simply believed, without question, that what each one said was true, “we were soulmates”)!

Appliances of Narcissists

The appliance needs of Narcissists remain constant, and never-ending. Nothing, nor anyone, will ever be enough for these bottomless pits. Thus, they do not stay faithful to any one partner.

Their entitlement issues makes them above all rules, laws, ethics and morals. And, even if they know they are harming others, they do not care (seared consciences).

appliances of Narcissists

Anyway, since Narcissists ironically work their dark skills in much the same way as almost all Diabolical Personalities, I actually lump them all into one group, just as they lump us into one group.

As they so nonchalantly consider us appliances (for their own personal use), I consider them all one large bundle of snot. The only thing is, where they need their appliances, I really have no use for snot.

Appliances of Narcissists

I imagine that if my upbringing had been a healthy and functional one, I would have had better boundaries and greater self-love, and therefore, would have never fallen for such mean-spirited, reckless, lying, vicious, heartless, dark-spirited, deceitful, remorseless, despicable, backstabbing, ruthless, wickedly cruel, venomous, cutthroat, loveless, vilely savage, predatory brutes. (In other words, they are not very nice).

(I decided not to post pictures of snot, as I thought it would be uncouth).

*(Note: the featured picture is a hairdryer).


Psalm 33:18-19

“Behold, the LORD’s eye is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his loving kindness; to deliver their soul from death, to keep them alive in famine”.

Appliances of Narcissists

Appliances of Narcissists Appliances of Narcissists

Tamara Yancosky

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