Crazy WordPress

Crazy Wordpress, BBYCGN

Crazy –

Dear WordPress Friends,

Please excuse my site’s seriously crazy, mixed-up look. This is sooo weird! All the sudden, every one of my post titles are showing up, on display, on top of my front pages, along with like… 1,000 little, tiny wwww’s, below the titles

WordPress is always springing up some sort of erratic surprise on me, and much of the time, I am the last to know!

It’s crazy.

It’s like this… while I’m away, my site is at play, with a mind all of its own, doing who. knows. what.

So, I’m telling ya, with WordPress, it’s five steps (crawling) forward, and then, ten steps jumping backwards.

But, I manage.

I mean, we all manage to manage, somehow, right?

Let’s keep at it, no matter how crazy it gets, then; shall we?

 ♥️ Hugs! ♥️


Crazy Look
WTF ????????






Rhyme Vine Poetry –


          1. You think so? The original accent colors were actually pinkish, i changed them to the Sun color. There are many references to the Sun in my writing.
            Now I think there is a bit too much Sun on the front page. So I’m thinking of changing it to black & white, with less sunny accents.
            I haven’t been able to connect my site to WordPress, I struggle with it since it got disconnected. I’d like it connected do that people could follow it.
            I’ve no time to write now, so it doesn’t matter.

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