4 Freaky Ideas

4 Freaky Friday Ideas

4 Freaky Friday Ideas

People are always asking me about my personal ideas for a really freaky Friday. Just kidding. No one ever asks me. But, nevertheless, I have four (4) of them that I am promptly going to share with you, my WordPress Friends!

4 Freaky Friday Ideas


Never let on to a tiger that it looks fat in orange; sometimes, Freedom of Speech can get us killed. Trust me on this one. 😉


Never, ever, eat a lion’s last Twinkie or Hostess Ding Dong. It might be the very last one you ever eat. I know from personal experience.


If you wear reading-glasses, you might find that if you wear them when you go to sleep, there will suddenly be plenty of reading material in your dreams to keep you busy for quite awhile.

Some of the words might even last a bit longer before the letters do their usual popping off the page, and disappearing into midairstunt.

I mean, it works for me. Reading in my dreams also saves me money from not having to make as many Kindle Book purchases (in real life).


When I purchase something new, I keep it unopened, in its box, for at least a month, so that I can enjoy the excitement of its anticipation for a long while.

There are many times that anticipation is actually better than the real thing, anyway!

Sometimes, I never open the box, and I take it back to the store for a trade-in on a brand new box!

What’s in the new box? Well, really… who cares?!!

Anyway, these are just four (4) of my many Freaky Friday ideas.

(You can use them on Saturday, too).


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4 Freaky Friday Ideas


4 Freaky Friday Ideas

4 Freaky Friday Ideas

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  1. You said the tiger looked fat in orange, lived through eating the last twinkie….

    Nine lives???

    I love post!!!!!! It’s way more important than what is actually in the letters. What it contains is irrelevant, for getting post is just fun.

    Liked by 2 people

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