Beast of Burden, Codependency

Beast of Burden, Codependency

Though being aware of this Beast of Burden, Codependency, does not necessarily cure this lifelong habit, it comforts me with the realization that it is not my job to make everything better for every human being with whom I come in contact.

I mean, some people can snap open their own Sprite Soda cans, and draw their own bath water, right?

Oh, by the way, the kitchen drawer that holds the silverware is no farther of a walk away from the living room, today, than it was yesterday; so, perhaps they actually can manage to get up, and make the three second sprint to get a new fork for themselves (since the last one fell to the floor while they were attempting to maneuver their torso a 180 degree turn, behind them, to call me downstairs to fetch them the channel changer, that was only a couple inches away from their plate).

Of course, the above paragraph is just a bit of humor, and I actually enjoy helping others open their soda cans, and reach for the channel changer; but what my post, here, is really about is the unhealthy enabling of destructive behaviors, such as: abuse, alcoholism, illegal drug use, theft, murder, and other harmful habits. Not enabling others is for their benefit, as well, as ours!

Beast of Burden, Codependency

Beast of Burden, Codependency

Codependency is a Beast of Burden in that I can never do or be enough for those whom I try to “fix”, or make happier. Taking everyone else’s faults upon my shoulders is an exhausting job and leaves me unable to take care of myself, emotionally, or even physically.

It is a heavy weight to carry.

It is important to do for others what I can do, but not to play God. In fact, I try to remember to put this Beast of Burden into God’s Hands because, you see, He can handle it, and He wants me to give my troubles to Him. I need only trust, through Jesus’ Name, and not in my own limited abilities.

As a recovering Codependent, I am a Prayer Warrior! God’s got this! (By the way, Got Milk? Oh, that’s just a bit of my OCD efghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz coming into play… don’t ya just love it?)…

Beast of Burden, Codependency

On one final and disgusting note: Narcissists and Sociopaths enjoy the fuel of Codependents because we do not easily give up, and we will try to please others until it literally kills us.

Dark Personalities play Codependents with cunning skill to tear us down until we are left entirely dead, inside, with only our shells intact.

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Beast of Burden, Codependency

Beast of Burden, Codependency



Beast of Burden, Codependency


Beast of Burden, Codependency

Beast of Burden, Codependency Beast of Burden, Codependency


Beast of Burden, Codependency

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  1. Yah, I realised recently that I’m not responsible for others. It doesn’t always change the fact that I feel responsible, but sometimes I don’t take the responsibility and I do what’s best for me – sometimes 🙂 Life is a game of learning (I hope).

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    1. For me, it is difficult to understand some of those fine- or, not so fine- lines. I grew up without any structure or knowledge of boundaries. And yes, the intense empathy, paired with major guilt, is very painful.

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  2. When you find an answer to this one, let me know, OK Tamara?

    We’re social creatures, and naturally, we need companionship and crave it when it eludes us.

    Some take advantage of this, though, and overindulge our natural generosity. Remote Control Person clearly is Prosecution Exhibit A. Easy to make this observation from the outside, but the response to the demand to fetch the remote should’ve been, “What am I, your butler?”

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    1. True.. lol. Of course, I like to poke a bit of humor and satire to my posts. The bigger picture is really about enabling abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, and other such dangerous activities. It is as much for their wellbeing, as it is for ours, that we do not enable destructive habits.

      Thank you, TA!

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  3. Fully agree. Sometimes it’s beneficial to everyone involved to not be supportive. Even if it’s financially. Sometimes people need to fall into debt to learn because if they can depend on someone, that can become habitual. All this does is ensure that the irresponsibility continues.

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    1. Yes, it is still difficult to not help those we see in need; but, I guess there needs to be a balance where it is important that we also see that they are trying to better their situation, as well.

      Helping is useful if someone is really trying to pull themselves out of trouble.

      Thank you for your comment, Stryde!

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