Secret Santa

My secret Santa is arriving soon,

and he’s comin’ just for me;

butit’s not for biscuits

or hot chocolate,

nor is it for crumpets or hot tea!


Ah! I have longed to sit

on Santa Claus’ lap,

this whole, entire year;

you see, this sweet fellow

has something magnificent,

that I cherish, ever so mightily dear!

Secret Santa, Yancosky

Secret Poetry


Will you be

Secret Santa 

for one very

special night?

I long to sit

close to you,

so that you can

hold me, oh, so tight!

Secret, Yancosky

Actually, I want

to sit facing you,

so that I can look into

your eyes of brown (or, blue);

would this be okay,

Secret Santa,

and then you can look

into my eyes, too?


I want to tell you,

Santa darling,

what I’d especially

like this year;

so, let me lean

a bit closer, now,

that I might whis-purr

it into your ear.

Secret, Yancosky

What I really want

for Christmas

is a priceless gift

that is forever true;

it is the one whose lap

I am sitting on, now,

since the only gift I want is you!

(A Gift Certificate would be nice, also).

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Tamara Yancosky


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