Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden –

He has brought

glorious light

to an understanding

that was previously

vague and dim;

He says

when I retreat

in silence,

it is then,

that my heart

is speaking to Him!


He comforts me

in His Arms

of Peace,

and my silence

His Love does replace;

yet, only deeper

does He receive

me, then,

since never had I left

His Embrace!

Silence Golden

Silence is Golden

We do not always know which words to speak to our Father, but this is not a problem because silence is golden! Besides, our hearts know exactly what to say to our Lord!

Silence is a magnificent song to our Holy Father when it is coming from a heart of ecstatic praise, intercessory prayer, surrendering of sorrows, and/or the humble confessing of sins, or even just a casual, simple talk with our Most High Pal.

Prayer can be as simple as talking to The Lord as if He was sitting in a chair right next to us because He is; and still, we need say nothing at all, as long as our heart is saying it all.

We can be silent to Him about anything at all because He understands.

There have been times when I have been angry at The Lord for various reasons, and I have told Him so. He listened, and comforted me.

It is okay to share all our feelings with Him, verbally or silentlyno matter what they are; He desires for us to do so. We cannot surprise our Eternal Father, or make Him love us any less.

Another way that I enjoy praying is by speaking the actual Words right out of The Holy Bible.

For example, in Ephesians 6: 10-18, my prayer to our Lord might be:

Dear Heavenly Father, I would like to ask you to please help me to take a stand during these evil days, and to be able to stand my ground. I know that I cannot do this alone, but I can do this perfectly well by way of Your Armor of Your Word, Faith, and Your Holy Spirit that You Graciously give to me! In Jesus’ Holy Name! Amen”.

Silence is Golden!

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Silence is Golden




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