Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits are a thrilling thing to have when those benefits consist of  encouragement and sweet kindness. Thank you for these beneficial treasures, you, WordPress friends, you!

Each of your names are important to me because of the essence behind those names!

Tis’ not my own words

that cause my WordPress Blog

to shine and shimmer;

but rather,

it is the rewarding presence

of my lovely WordPress Friends,

who give my blog meaning

with their sweet lavender

kisses of glimmer.

Friends With Benefits

I am having trouble Liking and Commenting on each of your blogs due to my WordPress Account messing up on me, but I have still been reading your posts, and I am working on fixing this new issue!

Due to my gratitude for you each being such Rockin’ friends, I have also added some images of Thor, my family’s adorable English Bulldog, for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you, again, for the honor of all the cool benefits you each so generously gift to me!


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Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

Dogs with Wings


  1. Awww this is such a sweet post! I’m so glad you included me as one of your friends (I would have been having strong words with you if not! 😂) You are a wonderful human being & I’m so glad to have ‘met’ you in the Blogosphere, Tamara. You are the gift to us. I’m just sorry you’re still having such hassle with WP. Having any luck with getting them to sort it out at all..?
    PS. Love Thor, he pulls the same contemplation face as I do!
    Caz xx

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    1. Ha … I am glad you love Thor; he’d love you, too 😃. Well, I’m trying to get ahold of my cellphone company so as to get my old number back. I’m still able to work with my WP account, but it’s “touch and go”, and very difficult to use.

      Awwe, thank you for your kind words, Caz. ♥️You are so sweet. 🌺


      Liked by 2 people

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