Messed Up, Again!

Messed Up, Again

It’s really exhausting having to learn everything the hard way.

 I changed my phone number… whoops. So, now I’m having trouble getting back into my WordPress blog due to Authenticator thingy!

Anyway, to hopefully fix the problem, I made another WordPress blog so that I could actually invite myself to be an Administrator on my own site, so to speak. This way, I am bypassing the other me that is supposed to put in the Authenticator Code. Naturally, I accepted the invitation. YAY!

Anyway, I’m using my same name and everything, but I’m so confused… more so than ever! Hugs! I’m still here. ♥️

Messed Up, Again!


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  1. I’m so confused, I read it twice and I still can’t figure it out 😂
    Surely WP must realise people may change their numbers and need to re-do the log-in thingybobby without creating some pseudo identity malarky like climbing through a window when you’ve lost your key! xx

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    1. I know! I’ve read it three times, and each time it has left me with serious vertigo worse than the time I read it, before.

      I’ve seriously lost my key, and next time they want me to give them my password, I’ll be locked out simply because I changed my phone number. Gosh!

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