Enough Love

Lately, the expression “Love is Enough” is altered to “Love is Not Always Enough”. But, I believe that the first quote is the most beautifully accurate verse!

Love is not an idle noun; it is an active verb! A verb does not lazily sit around on its a*s rear end and repeat “I love you”, over and over, again, upon each hour, eating Tostitos (mmm, sometimes it can, though!)… while life passes by.

True love, the verb, lives passionately for the one whom it loves! It gets up, goes to work, buys groceries, nurtures, continues learning in all manners of speaking, seeks wisdom, and does all things needed to sustain itself durably, as well as its recipients, with unspeakable zeal!

Love is passion, and passion gives us the energy to do all things.

Enough, is Love! 

Enough Love


Tamara Yancosky


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