Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships –

suppose his face was rather handsome,

and his eyes, a soulful, deep liquid brown

(or perhaps, velvet, sky-blue?);

but still, his lips filled with Future-Faking,

carried out words, deceitful and untrue.


His plagiarizing fingers were artistic,

and his arms could have held me,

forever, tight;

yet, always ten steps ahead,

he planned my discard to his ecstatic



Perhaps, his voice was deep,

and his (masked) presence made me melt;

but his inner-core was inhuman,

and abandonment was my hand

he purposely dealt.


His heart, full of passion,

in the way his chosen songs

Love-Bombed the air;

but alas, his actions proved otherwise,

as he shoved me aside, his soulmate,

without even a care.

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

Men and women should learn the Red Flags of spotting Covert Narcissists to avoid becoming ensnared by these dangerous personalities.

Narcissists not only wreck devastation in romantic relationships but also in the work-place, family circles, churches, and other types of relationships.

If given any entryway, Narcissists will ruin their targets’ finances, social standing, emotional and mental health, and spiritual life, without remorse.

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

Dangerous Personalities have little, to no conscience, capacity for remorse, inner-awareness, or empathy for anyone outside of themselves, except for what they feign.

In these pseudo romantic relationships, Idealization comes on strong. When the Devaluation Phase of the abuse-cycle rides into sufferers’ lives, it is insidious and causes victims to second-guess themselves.

Narcissists are masters of deception. They always hold an Ace up their sleeve via of parasitic schemes of subtle manipulation and brainwashing tactics. They suck… the identities from their victims.

The euphoric Love Bombing Phase brought on by a Narcissist turns into pain, addiction and despair.

Psalm 60:12

Through God we will do valiantly, for it is he who will tread down our adversaries.

Copyright ©BBYCGN 

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships
Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

Dangerous Personalities in Relationships

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    1. This post is about my ex-boyfriend… not TIN. I “nothing” TIN, and have for a long time. Wait… “TIN”, who? What’s a “TIN”? I do not recall. Oh ya, he writes the books.


  1. I have never seen such a word “Narcissists” but since I have come across your page I will be careful withe the people to hang with. Youre my hero☺

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