Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter to Narcissist was an exercise that brought significant healing to me.

It is not a long unsent letter, but it explains some despicable details of what happened in this relationship with a Narcissist.

I am over this Narcissistic Individual, and the trauma that he, and his Enabler, shoved into my life.

Being that these two, along with their Flying Monkeys, were forgettable, they are, but an old faded memory; however, the abuse they inflicted upon me was not so easily erased away.

It has taken me quite a long time to heal because of the astonishing way in which these two targeted and hooked me.

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter to Narcissist

Dear Narcissist:

I loved you in a way that is almost indescribable. But, I will do my best to convey my feelings to you even though I know you don’t care.

 My love for you was fierce, yet as delicate as a rose petal. It was complete.

 From the beginning, you wanted to know everything about me, inside and out, and I loved that! I thought it was because you cared for me.

 You, dear Narcissist, had me hook, line, and sinker. And you knew it in the way I swooned over you, day and night.

 You were my prince! And remember how you used to call me your princess?

 But you couldn’t keep it up, could you? I mean, your mask.

 Your mask was too burdensome and heavy for you to wear for longer, and it inevitably slipped down, and carelessly dangled around your ankles as you began to Gaslight, Triangulate, Deflect, Project, and all of your other mind-games you played on me, with the help of your Enabler, and Flying Monkeys, who knew their place.

How could I have known? You were so clever!

 Your switch from Jekyll to Hyde was difficult to spot, at first, but my intuition was definitely at odds with me long before I acknowledged it to myself that my Prince Charming was actually Prince Harming.

 I have difficulty accepting this truth, even now. Your mask was that convincing, and so is its memory.

 My heart still breaks, now and then, even though our relationship has been over for nearly 16 months (that’s not counting the many times that your Enabler has emailed me, since then, to poke and jab at me about how “utterly excited” she was in the wake of making her plans to visit you in London. And this has in no way helped my healing process).

 My heart still wants to believe that your complete change of behavior was all just one big misunderstanding, and that you are the man in whom I fell in love.

But when I think this way, thoughts seep into my mind, remembering the major smear Campaign you put into effect. All your friends laughed at me, publicly, as you had my heartfelt letters that I had written to you posted, for all to see, on Facebook.

The ones who joined in on the laughter had been our mutual friends during our entire relationship. No worries; you did me a favor in opening my eyes up to the falsehood of these “so-called friends”.

 Anyway, I just wanted to say that you did a wonderful job in hurting me and butchering my heart to pieces. It has taken me, for what feels like decades, to heal. And still I am not fully there, yet.

That person… you know, the one who was not really you… well, I loved him with great depth. (Ironically, before the change, my beloved was the first to claim this about me).

 Here’s to hurting me down to the deepest core of my being, Narcissist; well done & cheers!

 Love, Your Princess

P.S.- I wish you’d bring Prince Charming back. If you are holding him captive inside of you, and he is trying to return to me, please release him.

That was then. But this is now.

And now I am so glad to have escaped him, and his frilly Enabler. Had I not asked The Lord to show me The Truth of my intuition’s restlessness, it could have turned out much worse!

He was planning on coming to America to marry me. Two scenarios would have probably happened:

1). He would have never showed up at the airport;

or even worse,

2). I would have had a Narcissist standing in the middle of my living room floor gaslighting, triangulating, and projecting all his faults onto me.

I thank The Lord that I caught on and broke it off when I did. I had serious withdrawals for a long time after the breakup. Now I am free from him, and his Enabler, and much stronger!

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Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist


Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist


Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

Unsent Letter To Narcissist

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  1. Tamara Yancosky, you are a survivor and an inspiration for those who need to know they can make it out in one piece. Your inner strength is amazing!

    Narcissists will continue as the predators they are. Hopefully his Flying Monkeys will realize they’re feeding darkness and grow up to lead productive lives unless they are Narcs too.

    Liked by 1 person

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