Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters –

This is a disgusting post; sorry about that. I am coming out of the closet on an unusual subject. Please bear with me…

I am phobic…

There are those certain instances when we come to face something so hideous that we desire to look away, but we can’t stop looking at it (this post is not about our exes, dear friends).

Despite my nausea upon encountering particular patterns, I am fascinated by them. Perhaps it is my mind’s attempt at trying to figure out the utter chaos of that which permeates from such ugly clusters taking up any bit of space; yes, I am talking about the revolting phobia of clusters: Trypophobia

I have discovered that being phobic (grossed-out) by clusters is not so rare. (However, I remain curious why our Global Name-Givers call it such).

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters


I did not read the Wikipedia Link on Trypophobia that I embedded into this article, (these articles display graphic images). I am uncertain what causes this aversion.

I cannot even envision anyone, anywhere, not being taken aback by such ickiness!

Contained within each cluster are entities- thousands of them- pulsating with pus-filled evil. Volts of primitivism erupt throughout my being when viewing these mutations. My insides flounder about in a state of restless hostility. These monstrous deformities’ very existence blasphemy everything that is pure. (I almost vomited all over my keyboard).

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters

I want to insert photos so you will experience some of this wretchedness that is intolerable. But I could not sleep at night in knowing that these creatures are demonizing my area. (Update: I might try to load a few thumbnails for you).

I will never return to this post because of these horror pictures (which is a shame since it is my recurring, ongoing visits which account for most of my views, comments, and Likes).

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters

Vomit from a Psychopath

I am apologetic for the above visuals as they are tiny particles that could contain what we see as bubbling displays of putrid vomit from a Psychopath.  This is superoffensive. I wish my psychologist was here.

*Note: Can you imagine a million intricate particles making up a single cluster? And still thousands of these, put together, make up yet another cluster? But this is still only one cluster living upon a thousand more groups. And this entire mass creates just another individual cluster. These repulsive organisms go on and on.

*Note: I guess clusters of Jujubes Candy are okay, though; it’s called compromising …

This write up makes little sense, right? I meant it to be this way. I planned it from the beginning.

I have enclosed a few shots of my freaka’zoid, Chameleon. He is the offspring of an unsophisticated, archaic-type cluster-form; thus, benign. Though he is appalling, he is also stunning:

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN
Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN
Trypophobia, Phobia of ClustersTrypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN
Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN

Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN
Trypophobia, Phobia of Clusters, BBYCGN

Dogs with Wings!


  1. I feel I have been educated today as I never knew there was a word for fear of tightly packed masses. Trypophobia, eh. I took the liberty of checking Wiki on your behalf and there’s just one image to the top right, not that you’ll be wanting to check it out anyway. I’m not sure how I feel about clusters, but I can see lots of small bumps in certain forms being gross and pretty freaky. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caz, cool that you checked it out on Wikipedia! Well then, I can put my hand over one nasty picture and go read about it. Thank you! I do appreciate this. ♥️ 💜 ❤️Scales are scary, too… like on a fish. Eew!!! I just grossed myself out

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Caz, I keep LIKING your comments, but then LIKE Button turns off, again. I just don’t want you to think I LIKE your comment, scratch my head, and then Don’t Like your comment, then LIKE, again…lol.. I LIKE!!! Ha haha

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Hahah okay, I’ll make a mental note that you don’t just keep changing your mind about whether or not you like my comments! 😉
      Euuuugh, fish creep me out full stop. I don’t eat fish or any sea food. I just can’t. Ever.


      1. (LOL)… Yes, I’m not big on fish, myself. 🐠 Salmon, I will eat though, as long as I don’t have to see it while it was still a fish. And, if it’s done humanely. 🐟 🎣


  2. Lol*
    I’ve no phobia to clusters, quite the contrary, they fascinate me as perfectly organized.
    When I was a little girl, I’d fill up pages drawing perfectly ordered rows of circles.
    Looking at nature’s circles or dots, multitudes of them gives me a feeling of peace.
    Similar to one after I thoroughly have cleaned my apartment, laundered, and dried sheets, duvet cover, and all clothes. Just like today.



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