Finding Our Voice

Finding Our Voice

There comes a time when recipients of abuse rise up from the gray ashes, and while slowly brushing ourselves off, we whisper (in a voice that seems to echo throughout the walls), “Enough.”

We have found our voice.

Finding our Voice

The victim, turned survivor, is now armored with a nearly, unbreakable inner-strength, and an unquenchable spirit. We are still the same empathetic and compassionate individuals, as before, but now, fortitude and wisdom have been added to our courageous traits.

A Warrior is born!

Being that we, the survivors, do not ever wish to be anything, whatsoever, like the Abuser(s), finding our voice is not a tool for vengeance, but rather, for that of healing and recovery. Speaking our truth is of the utmost importance, and neither that of fear, nor opinions of peers, will be a hindrance.

Finding our Voice

Finding Our Voice

Whether others agree, or disagree with our Truth holds no value to a Warrior. What does matter, however, is that this truth is spoken.

There once was a time when finding our voice, in which to speak, was an improbable -nearly impossible- quest; but, that was then, and this is now. 

We have found our wings!

Finding our Voice

Be rest-assured, even if there are some who still have no voice in which to speak, or still has difficulty finding that voice, the truth will still come out, someday. All truth will eventually be revealed.


Luke 8:17

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light.

Finding our VOICE







Finding our Voice

Finding our Voice, Narcissist Abuse

Finding our Voice, Abuse

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Tamara Yancosky 


    1. Yes, I’m not exactly sure of the fundamentals as to why some people break, and some get stronger; I suppose there might be a multitude of internal, as well as external reasons. I am a Christian, so Jesus is my backbone 💕💕💕

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