Watercolor Painting, No!

Watercolor Painting

This is my first time watercolor painting and in case it is difficult to tell, this is a tree with pink roses in it.

I am going to practice creating more watercolor paintings- maybe.

Maybe not.

Ya, just forget it.

All that matters is today. And, this painting is what I did, today.

I painted this! YAY.

I don’t like the yellow colors in it.

In fact, I HATE the yellow colors in it!

Boo Hoo!

Boo Hoo!

Boo Hoo!

Excuse me; I am going to go bury my head in the sand- quick sand!

Ha haha… this made me laugh!


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Watercolor Painting, Yancosky


Backwards Me


  1. Me & watercolours don’t mix. I actually like this, the bit at the top is my favourite, with the pink against the blue & black. I think you should keep going, try again & see what happens, see if you can ‘enjoy the process’ as they say (rather than me, who just finds it ridiculously frustrating!) xx

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    1. How sweet of you to inspire me to keep going. 😃 I was sure that after I posted it, WordPress would suddenly come out with a “I DON’T LIKE THIS” button, and I’d get lots of those! 😊

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