Dirty Flying Monkeys

Dirty Flying Monkeys are what keep Narcissists in thriving business ruining the lives of their targeted victims.

Dirty Flying Monkeys –

Spun dizzily,


and then, hung out

on the cold wire,

and finally dried,

the Flying Monkeys

did not care about

her pain,

nor the many times

she cried.

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism



without a voice,

to rationally speak,

these underachievers,

only sneered at her;


they conveniently

chose not to seek.

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism


they judged her

a  criminal,

without knowing

her side;

their Narcissist

could do no wrong,


even though,


he had never

even tried.

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism

Forever tainted

as the “bad seed”

in that era of time,

the Flying Monkeys

would never peak

behind their leader’s mask,

and behold,

that his muddled “truths”

rang without reason,

nor rhyme.

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism

Dirty Monkeys

Flying Monkeys of the Narcissist gather insurmountable pleasure from spreading one-sided rumors, gossip, and lies. They are a busy, dirty bunch, even talking B.S. over brunch. Even the actual Narcissist thinks that his/her eager little gang behave ignorantly, and are lame, but he/she will still use them to spread about smut, to the hilt. After all, Flying Monkeys and Enablers do their dirty duties quite well.

Isaiah 53:6

All we like sheep have gone astray. Everyone has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism

Dirty Monkeys, Narcissism


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Copyright ©BBYCGN


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