Chocolate Lovers Unite! Survival Skills

Chocolate Lovers Unite! Survival Skills

Chocolate lovers unite!

I wish to share a new survival skill for my ravenous chocolate cravings!

On a quick side note, I will eat 85% dark chocolate when the edge of life calls for it; however, I prefer 95% on the dark chocolate, Richter Scale of necessary gear.

No one needs to get me any, though, unless they are having an insomnia inducing guilt-trip for not doing so; then, it’s okay, I guess.

So, buckle up, and prepare to brace yourselves as you dive into this long-awaited, earth-shattering release of pure ecstasy. It might curl your toes into pretzels.

So… here we go!

Chocolate Lovers Unite!

Survival Skills

1). Microwave chocolate chips in a bowl (take them out of the bag, first); stir every 20 seconds so the candy does not burn (unless burnt cocoa brings out your hidden forte);

2). Next, mix anything inside the melted velvet (Almonds, marshmallows, dried fruit, Rice Krispies, nuts & bolts (for the building crew)), ETC.;

3). Drop spoonfuls of your concoction (once, I made it the size of a bowling ball) on a plate, or cookie sheet, lined with wax paper, or grease;

4). Refrigerate for two hours;

5). Voilà! You have homemade chocolate candy!

I never buy chocolate candy from Sees or Russell Stover’s, anymore!

I tout my mastery of this emergency survival skill as the reason I am still alive, today.

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Chocolate Lovers Unite! Survival SkillsChocolate Lovers Unite! Survival Skills

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    1. I prefer Milk Chocolate if I wasn’t trying to be “healthy” about it. I used to be a health nut and got it in my head that Dark Chocolate was my favorite (because I knew it was healthier). But, I actually would choose the milk chocolate if health matters were not on the table. 😋

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