Walking on Eggshells, Narcissists

Walking on Eggshells, Narcissists 

We must not give Narcissists our feelings or opinions differing from their own, as this will equate to us being in need of a lobotomy, an immediate exorcism, or rehabilitation centers for our hard-core, drug abuse.

I had a Dark Crusader tell me I was under possession by, not one, but four demons, and he came to my home, Bible in hand, ready to perform an exorcism on me, all by his Narcissistic, angelic self (lucky me).

I had another Narcissist shout, ”shut the f*ck up!”, and I was ”going straight to Hell!”, after telling him I was hurt in blaming me for his desire to commit suicide, and yet, touting his Enabler as being the hero for talking him out of his planned overdose, slicing of wrists, and hanging himself in his garage, all for one suicide.

Supposedly, because of my cruelty in verbalizing my shock over his suicide wish, and the fact that he blamed me, describing the planned, gruesome details, I was much too horrid of a person for the privilege of even being offered an exorcism. I would just go straight to Hell, period.

Noticeably, whatever we hold dear to us, consider to be of immeasurable value, or even greatly fear, will eventually be exploited by the Narcissist.

Walking on Eggshells

For example, Christians will be told they are ”demon spawns, evil, or possessed by such”. Other scenarios include the Narcissist telling those prone to bouts of high emotion that they are ”imagining things, delusional, or in dire need of psychotropic medication, at the very least”. Those who are on prescription medication, or excess amounts of vitamins, will likely be accused of being ”hard-core, drug addicts”.

When we are fearfully held captive by the Abuser’s gaslighting and fury, we will gradually lose our identity. We are forced to deliberate on each word before we speak it, and tiptoe along fragile paths of eggshells in the hope of not stepping on a land mine, thus causing another raging explosion, or even a calmer, passive-aggressive, spray of bullets.

Psalm 37:39

But the salvation of the righteous is from the LORD. He is their stronghold in the time of trouble.




 Walking on Eggshells, Yancosky img_0029



Walking Eggshells, Yancosky

Walking on Eggshells, Yancosky

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  1. Reading this makes me recall a relationship I was in…. and sadly these things are so true. My moral beliefs, my spiritual beliefs, they were always being twisted to look like something bad when I disagreed with him, or he didn’t get his way. If you don’t stand your ground and know the truth about who you are when dealing with people like this it can really ruin you. I’m so sorry you had to endure such awful treatment, Nika. You don’t deserve that at all.

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    1. That’s okay, Manessah. It was awhile back when I didn’t even know what Narcissists were. Ya, it was a rough time, but that was then, and this is now.

      I am just trying to get these posts up about Narcissists to educate my children, and help others also, because unfortunately these kind are not going away (Narcissists, are not going away, I mean… until they repent, or God gives them over to the darkness they so crave).

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      1. The beauty is that you are taking something negative and turning it into something positive and it is indeed helping so many. I really appreciate these posts because I’m learning a lot along the way and it’s answering so many questions about a relationship I was in. So thank you for sharing what you know and enlightening us.

        Sending hugs and love your way!

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  2. Gosh! How awful!! I’m glad such times are behind you, my friend! It’s been bad enough having to work with such people, I can’t imagine having to be in a relationship with them!! You’ve been through a lot and you’re very brave talking about it! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏 donnadoesdresses.com

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