Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie –

Dear Flying Monkeys,

The next time

you and Rubber Duckie

take a bath,

please do scrub-a-dub

with that wire-brush

extra well,

because the Narcissist’s

repulsive B.S

you sling around,

is beneath

your every nail!

Pay closer attention,

I beseech you,

to those brown chunks

that smell of a funky,

intestinal mess;

you see,

though you think

your Narcissist’s

gossip is so special,

it’s all just his ordinary,

everyday B.S..

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys go about eating from all-you-can-eat buffets that Narcissists prepare for them out of the sole ingredients of lies, fabrications, and twisted half-truths. These recipes are not terribly complicated, but definitely blended and well-spun, until semi-palatable (Flying Monkeys are not discerning; they will eat just about anything, as long as it comes from their Narcissistic Chef).

Thus, Flying Monkeys need to clean extra well underneath their nails because they tend to find these meals to be “finger-licking good”, and are quite the messy eaters as they gobble up every last bit of B.S. that is fed to them. They sling these lies all over the place, too, and have great fun harming others’ reputations in this way.

 They do this as a favorite pastime to appease their addiction for their Narcissist’s approval.

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

It cannot be denied, Dark Personality Disordered Individuals are vastly adept at providing false evidence in their ploy to turn as many people, as possible, against their targets. This, in turn, further isolates their victims from finding those who could actually rescue them from these heartless beasts.

Those who willingly take the Narcissistic individual’s deception as truth (without attempting to find out both sides, or ask the victims any questions, whatsoever), are known as Flying Monkeys. And, they actively ruin lives with the lies they spread about.

These willing participants form a close-knit bond together, in their common-mission to aid the Narcissist in the Smear Campaign against the target. So cozy! (Little do these groups, or individuals know that the Narcissist despises each of them, too, and actually finds them weak for going along with his/her fallacies, but will pretend to give his/her approval because this way, he/she will never have to get his/her own fingernails encrusted with B.S..)

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

Victims of Narcissistic Abuse are usually left isolated, in very deep turmoil from Cognitive Dissonance, and sometimes scarred with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

These B.S. slingers continue to further harass the unfortunate recipient by incessantly triggering, or stirring-up trauma for the target via emails, texts, calls, visits, ETC., even long after the relationship is over between the Narcissist, and the victim. These sinister games are popular hobbies and pastimes for these funky-scented, busybodies.

* I am not a professional; rather, I am sharing my lifetime experiences regarding Narcissists and Sociopaths. Ya, and these kind are all kinds of “Ugh!”.

Copyright BYCGN

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

Flying Monkeys Lie

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  1. Good post Nika…
    And ewww the intestinal funk…. That’s gross!!! But very on point!

    None of my friends are narcs, and if they are narcs, then they aren’t my friends. Whether they are flying monkeys is sometimes hard to tell, but generally speaking they usually give it away, like just how weird they are. And the kinds of stuff they ask you or are interested in, and sometimes they are narcs aswell or narcissistic. I guess to them it must feel like being a spy or something. They love drama, and so they don’t care.

    But if you are so obsessed with a narc (which you clearly have to be to do their bidding) that you’ll do their dirty work, then that shows what the narc thinks of you, which is nothing, and you are just another type of cloaked victim but it’s dressed up to seem more classy. I do not know what these ones get out of doing stuff for their narcs, but they need to take a good look at themselves and get some damn self respect!

    Basically any support for a narcissist is bad unless you encourage them to get the professional help they need.

    If a narc asks you to do something, tell them to do it themselves and to stop being such a coward! They only get others to do stuff so that they don’t get caught and the blame can be put on you instead of them. They are cowards through and through…. All of them!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Michelle… Excellent comment and advice from you!

      True what you said about the Narcissist not thinking much of their devoted flying monsters in that they give them the dirtiest work to do. Narcissists wish to keep their fingernails clean because going around with all the B.S. under their nails would deter potential supply. Yes, it is gross. Indeed.

      💩 💩 💩

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, it helps so much. It causes me to not repress everything. 😊 Plus it helps me to know I might be able to warn others of these kind, and show them that they are not alone. TY, Michelle! I will plan to be by your blog this evening.
      💐 💐 💐

      Liked by 2 people

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