Posts, Updating

Posts, Updating

Posts, Updating –

Injuries are a part of life among a host of other despairing issues that are neither entertaining, nor fun to deal with. And let’s face it… no, actually… never mind; let’s not.

In recently looking back at many of the posts I wrote in the past (when I was still in my rosy-cheeked, Blogger’s youth), the recurring thought plagued me, “eeew, I seriously wrote that???”

Consequently, these unfortunate writings are in the Creative Writer’s Surgical Hospital getting much-needed updating; there might even be a few amputations, or implants, warranted.

Posts, Updating

Posts, Updating

Pending that there are no complications, these various posts will, thus, be free to resume their normal activities of entertaining and educating, each one of you, my dear WordPress Friends, after they are fully healed from their specialized, surgical procedures (which I, myself, will be performing on them since I have greatly matured in my… wait, there’s a word for itI’ll tell you, later; it’s a secret).

Warning: Viewers Discretion advised: highly graphic images and content (below) might cause vomiting and/or fainting in sensitive individuals. In rare cases, psychosis could result.

P.S. (Feel free to leave all flowers and balloons at the Nurse’s Station. All monetary gifts should be brought directly to Room 107 (where I will be personally performing my delicate, state-of-the-art procedures)).

Posts, Updating

Posts, Updating

Posts, Updating

Posts, Updating

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  1. Oh Nika!! Such a wonderfully creative mind you have – I could never have come up with such an amusing and intelligent post! One thing though – not too much self-deprecation because you are doing a fabulous job inspiring people all around the world with your vivacious and often courageous posts!! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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