Meet The Poets! Creative Writing

Meet The Poets!

So, here’s the thing… just because Mathematicians, or others, raise their eyebrows at our reasonings, conclusions, or slurred speech behind our riveting, deep thoughts, does not mean that we are wrong, misguided, or have sipped down too much carnival juice; it might simply mean that we are poets! That is all.

Meet Poets, Yancosky

The Rose

He rose, and gave her a rose; thus, her fist rose, and socked his nose, and it also became a rose. Then, rose her words, “And there is your rose.”

Meet Poets, Yancosky

Love is the meaning of love! So, love can be no less than love! Then, let us behold this precious miracle, called, above all things, “Love”! And, what an entirely strange name to call something so magnificent… hmm. It should be called, “Sephonxeee“!

Meet Poets, Yancosky

Poor Jack

had to


his car;

it got a flat

after driving over

the Ball & Jacks

that Jackie

had quit playing,

so she could do some


“Jack*ss, Jackie!”

snarled Jack.

Meet Poets! BBYCGN

Strange Addiction, Creative Writing




  1. Hahah I love that rosy tongue twister! And I agree about us all being poets despite any thoughts to the contrary. tThose looked at with scepticism for their seemingly outlandish thinking, frowned upon for being different… well, those are the people who stand out from the crowd, who offer a new take on the world, who are truly the artists. ‘Sephonxeee’, I like that! x

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