Walking The Tightrope, Creative Writing

Walking The Tightrope

I have heard it said that there is a fine line between creativity and insanity. And, as you all know, my dear friends, I am concrete proof that this statement is true.

I, myself, often (not everyday… but, often) walk this tightrope between the two existences of creativity and insanity because… well, I like it! (I mean, why else would I do it)?

And by reading many of your posts, my dear WordPress Friends, I would guess that the reason this tightrope keeps jerking around underneath me, so much, is because you are all on there, too! (You didn’t know I knew this, did you)?

Anyway, this thin rope is already naturally shaky, even without the added help of each one of you, my dear Friends. But, I am relieved you are each here with me because I value your company, and besides, I would prefer not to be alone if I ever end up making that final fall into the eddy of insanity.

It is in this Other World where our brethren-writers sit about, staring thoughtfully into hollow, plastic mugs, wondering when their long lost bunny-rabbits are going to come out, so they can merrily hippity-hop down the long white halls, together, to get their daily mixture of crushed-up “meds”, and applesauce, in those tiny wax cups.

I believe there are many artists, along with us, who are attempting to steady themselves on this lengthy, wobbly tightrope; but it just so happens that we, the writers, are the only ones who are actually sophisticated enough to continually announce this status of ours, publicly, to the entire world. You Go, Us!

Walking Tightrope Yancosky

Walking Tightrope Yancosky Walking Tightrope Yancosky


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  1. Fellow crazy person here, walking the tightrope ever carefully, trying to balance in this world called “life”….

    …and who says I have to be in a mental institution to act really insane?!?!

    I heard it said, there are two types of people in this world Nika….

    Those who think they are normal…..
    And those who know there is no such thing!

    Beautiful post my lovely 💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

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