Versatile Blogger Award!

Versatile Blogger Award! BBYCGN

Versatile Blogger Award was given to me by: James A. Best. Thank you for this honor, James!

At the end of this post will be the links to 15 Bloggers that I happily follow and nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award, as well.

If you do not wish to accept the award, it’s totally Rad!

Versatile Blogger Award! BBYCGN

Versatile Blogger Award!

Seven Things About Me:

1). I am always tempted to bite through my IPAD Cord because the texture reminds of a Gummy Bear.

2). I am a bit overly impulsive, at times.

“Wow, I wish I hadn’t bitten through my IPAD cord because now I’m gonna have to borrow someone else’s IPAD cord (and that someone else just happens to be the same person whose IPHONE cord I bit through two hours ago. I wanted him to have two cords in case something happened to his first one (which it did!))”. Sweet!

3). I am not street-smart; rather, I am wise in the other way. You know, the other way…

4). My imagination is in such tip-top shape that if I imagine I am flying, I most always end up (in real-life), with feathers in my hair. Sweet!

5). I love music, and I love dancing to music. If there is no music, I simply sing aloud and dance to that. My cats and dogs run and hide, but that’s their problem.

6). I treasure dark Chocolate (the darker, the better), and Black Licorice. I mean, I literally, treasure it. I won’t eat it for about two years because I will keep it in my treasure chest to admire and adore. Sweet!

7). Despite some of my posts being on the sassy side, I thoroughly love and care for others intensely. My feelings run severely deep. I enjoy taking care of people… I mean, in a good way. Sweet!

8). I am relocating! Sweet!

9). I love baby lambs, and I am going to get one! Sweet! (Update: I didn’t get one.) 😞

Versatile Blogger Award! BBYCGN

Versatile Blogger Award!

Bloggers I am Nominating for Versatile Blogger Award are below 😢… (This will take some time for me to pull up all these links, so little by little, I will add them! Please do not fret)…

1). Trial Through Fire – BBYCGN

(Hey, that’s me! I totally accept.)

2). Damon Ashworth Psychology

(I nominated Damon because he has the cutest smile ever)!

3). Donna!

(I love Donna’s inner-strength!);

4). Truth Lover

(Truth Lover is a Rockin’ site!);

5). Pacific Paratrooper

(A Pacific Paratrooper Hero who I don’t think accepts Writing Awards!);

6). Inspire Change

(Inspires Change!);

7). Voice From Iran

(A beautiful voice!);

15). Sweet!

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Versatile Blogger Award! BBYCGN


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