Blogger Award!

Blogger Award
Sweet! The Versatile Blogger Award was given to me by: James A. Best. Thank you for this honor, James!

At the end of this post will be the links to 15 Bloggers that I happily follow and nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award, as well.

If you do not wish to accept the award, it is totally Rad!


Blogger Award!

Seven Things About Me:

1). I am always tempted to bite through my IPAD Cord because the texture reminds of a Gummy Bear.

2). I am a bit overly impulsive, at times.

“Wow, I wish I hadn’t bitten through my IPAD cord because now I’m gonna have to borrow someone else’s IPAD cord (and that someone else just happens to be the same person whose IPHONE cord I bit through two hours ago. I wanted him to have two cords in case something happened to his first one (which it did!))”. Sweet!

3). I am not street-smart; rather, I am wise in the other way. You know, the other way…

4). My imagination is in such tip-top shape that if I imagine I am flying, I most always end up (in real-life), with feathers in my hair. Sweet!

5). I love music, and I love dancing to music. If there is no music, I simply sing aloud and dance to that. My cats and dogs run and hide, but that’s their problem.

6). I treasure dark Chocolate (the darker, the better), and Black Licorice. I mean, I literally, treasure it. I won’t eat it for about two years because I will keep it in my treasure chest to admire and adore. Sweet!

7). Despite some of my posts being on the sassy side, I thoroughly love and care for others intensely. My feelings run severely deep. I enjoy taking care of people… I mean, in a good way. Sweet!

8). I am relocating! Sweet!

9). I love baby lambs, and I am going to get one! Sweet! (Update: I didn’t get one.) 😞

Sweet, Versatile Blogger Award!

Blogger Award!

Bloggers I am Nominating for Versatile Blogger Award are below 😢… (This will take some time for me to pull up all these links, so little by little, I will add them! Please do not fret)…

1). Survival- Yancosky Jankowska

(Hey, that’s me! I totally accept.)

2). Damon Ashworth Psychology

(I nominated Damon because he has the cutest smile ever)!

3). Donna!

(I love Donna’s inner-strength!);

4). Truth Lover

(Truth Lover is a Rockin’ site!);

5). Pacific Paratrooper

(A Pacific Paratrooper Hero who I don’t think accepts Writing Awards!);

6). Inspire Change

(Inspires Change!);

7). Voice From Iran

(A beautiful voice!);

15). Sweet!


Tamara Yancosky


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