Movie Reviews, Thrillers

Movie Reviews, Thrillers

Movie Reviews, Thrillers

I watched the thriller movie Jekyll/Hyde,  with Tom Bateman. I must say, he is quite lovely with his deeply sensitive face, and sweet British mouth. Really, it weakens me to behold this gentleman; but suffer him, I must! 

Anyway, he plays his part marvelously in this movie (made into a series). So far, I have only seen a half of a single episode, though. I ended up falling asleep, but this is nothing personal against Tom; it was 2:00am; thus, the shades of my eyes simply came down; and there I was, riding unicorns with amber wings.

Tom Bateman also plays a Psychopathic character in the Hulu Thriller movie, called: The Body (Into The Dark). He drags a deceased body, bound up in tape, about town, and because it is Halloween Night, everyone thinks this accessory is part of his incredible costume. Thus, he gets invited to a Halloween party, and despite the movie having some intensely bloody scenes and too many cuss words in it, his emotionless, straightforward, Psychopathic behavior is hilarious! Though I did not like the, over-the-top, nasty language in this movie, or the bloody savagery, watching Tom Bateman nearly made it worth it!

You Go, Tom! No… actually, don’t go.

Movie Reviews, Thrillers

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    1. Stoner, I’m so sorry that I didn’t respond earlier, but this comment was put into my SPAM.

      I will plan to contact you, privately. I will try not to forget! Please, nudge me if I get distracted and get lost on my path to contacting you.



  2. Ooo I’ve not seen the Jekyll/Hyde series, nor The Body (hadn’t even come across that one). Definitely a rather odd (and darkly funny) premise! I do like me a bit of gore and horror so I’ll have to make a note to check that one out! xx


    1. IM,

      please forgive me for not replying sooner, but this comment, along with a few others were put into my SPAM folder. I do appreciate your comments and feedback!

      If you check out any of these movies, do let me know. I am still trying to figure out if The Body is supposed to be a comedy/horror, or if just I, alone, found it to be funny. I’d be interested in your thoughts when it comes to your country. 😊

      Big hugs!



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