Stop Picking On My Sociopath!


Stop Picking on My Sociopath!

If proving my case makes the offender look bad, I cannot prove my case. It is a spiritual struggle to not do that which my flesh so desires in exposing her lies.

1 Corinthians 13:13

But now faith, hope, and love remain—these three. The greatest of these is love.

The Lord would not strike His offenders back, even though he could have crushed them.

He chose a better way.

As some of you might know, Agnieszka Jaksa (44), (AKA: Emotion Detective) who appears to have an obsession with a self-proclaimed Sociopath, set up, baited, and smeared me. She states that IEnsnared her Sociopath”. Remember, we are talking about a remorseless, calculating, cold-blooded entity, here!


This diehard Narcissist Sociopath Fan believes that my “ensnarement” of her beloved Dark Entity is the pertinent reason as to why he “did not Love Bomb her”. (Agnieszka Jaska)


Even though it is not my fault that this Malignant Narcissist did not charm her with his fake love potion #9, as he apparently did several other Victims of Narcissists (umm… I’m not saying who), this tidbit did not appear to be a considering factor in “Princess Smear-It’s”…err, interesting attacks against me.


In fact, it would seem that her Prince “Perfect” is entirely without fault (as is always the case with his kind) because he is, after all, charismatic, charming, and has a really groovy voice. Enough said.

Stop Picking On The Sociopath! Creative Writing

Anyway, it came to my attention, rather recently, that she also believes that I am “picking on her Narcissist Sociopath”, thereby, demanding that I “leave him alone!” WTF???

Stop Picking On Sociopath Yancosky

I would just like to tell “Princess Smear-It”, that I am not picking on her monster. In fact, I am not even picking on the white horse he came riding in on (which I happen to know is really just a cleverly disguised Flying Monkey).


Wait a minute! Picking on a Sadistic Narcissistic Sociopath??? WTF??? I suddenly feel utterly dumbfounded (but, in a smart’ish-like way).


Stop Picking on My Narcissist!
Anyway, here are a few facts:
1). I did not ensnare her Narcissist Sociopath (duh);
2). I am not the reason why “Princess Smear-It”, was not given any Love-Bombing sessions by this Sociopath;
3). I am not picking on Sir Darkness, nor any Sociopaths, for that matteras if that were even possible (this deserves a double-whopper, duhhhhhh (!), with extra cheese, baby!);
5). I do not know this Sociopath, as she claims, “better than he knows himself“, (pull’eeeease)…
5). And lastly, duhhhhhhh.
Her very latest communication to me (before I finally spammed all of her incoming email), was to say that the reason why this Sociopath did not Love-Bomb her, is because (most-assuredly), “he’s gay”.
Anyway, here’s the thing, I am not even going to comment on that one.

Stop Picking On The Sociopath! Creative Writing

The other thing that “Smear-It” said in her email, to me, was that Sociopathic Bad*ss told her that the only reason why he pays so much attention to other women (Love Bombs them), is to “build them up and make them feel better about themselves.” (Like, Wow! What a delightful Sociopath! By the way, I have never heard of anyone attempting to build others up in this… “Viewers Discretion Advised”, manner). Excuse me for one sec… “WTF???”…


I just wish this Malignant Narcissist would freakin’ Love-Bomb “Smear-It” already, in order to give her some peace-of … ummind, and also, so she will leave me alone with her lame Smear Campaign, against me. (Lame, Campaign… it rhymes)!
Stop Picking on my Sociopath!
For my rebuttal, I will gather up my concrete evidence as proof of her delusions and smears, that she habitually creates on others, as well as her obsession with H.G. Tudor (which is why she smeared me), unless she chooses to remove her fabrications, and quits stalking, and harassing me. There is much to disclose.
(Below, “Emotion Detective” (Oishiin; Evoking Dahlias; Agnes Jaksa; Agnieszka Anna; Agnes Aggie; Agnieszka Jaksa; The Little Book of Empathy); stalked me on Instagram, and when she started carrying on about her fantastical delusions, I mentioned to her that HG Tudor informed me that she stalks him, too, as well as countless other people whom she becomes obsessed with. Her reply is the message, below, about “the dungeon”, which I had no idea what she was talking about, and it was just … weird):
I am saddened by her possible mental health issues, but at the same time, I wish to defend myself from her continued predatory behavior towards me.






Stop Picking On The Sociopath! Creative Writing Yancosky



Stop Picking on My Sociopath!





Followers of The Dark



 Yancosky Jankowska


  1. I love your photos, you’re very attractive! You are a very giving, loving person too, its obvious at least to me why sociopaths/narcs would see you as a target. You have the traits they look for. You are honest, and want the truth, and innocent in some ways. But you have a backbone and not afraid to fight!
    Just keep all them predators at bay. They do not deserve a good woman like yourself. The smearing and whatever is pure jealousy. To be honest I’ve always had this trouble from women all my life too. Which is why I have male friends but then you have to make sure they are not predators. Its like we can’t win whatever we do sometimes. There are very few females I get on with. But I have a few good female friends who really get me, and we respect each other as well as look out for one another.
    Truth is once we have enough self worth and self respect again, we do not need these people in our lives who make trouble for us. In 2019 I’m not letting nobody toxic or predator like in. Next year, is my year to build up and respect and look after me. I will not be abused any longer from outsiders or myself. Its time for change!
    Have you seen the movie “Matrix” ? Well, there is a part at the end, where he just looks at the baddies, and doesn’t even try to fight them, because he is so confident…. He knows exactly what he is dealing with, and it takes no effort at all, to get rid of them…..I’ll find the clip…. This will be us!!!!

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