Shocking Voices!

Shocking Voices, BBYCGN

Shocking Voices!

YAY! But, wait! Don’t leave, yet! These audio clips of my voice, in ‘alteration mode’, are truly shocking! They are each only a few seconds long. Seriously and Honestly.

No, I’m not bored, I’m actually doing a study for a private company on “Voice Alteration Machines”. The name of this private company is private so I can’t tell you its name, but I can tell you that it’s a totally rockin’ place to work!

(Just kidding. I’m bored).

The first one… YAY!… is my Grand Canyon Voice. I mean, no kidding… this is super cool! (Now, I wouldn’t go and tell you so, if it wasn’t true).

Please scroll down…





This second one is my Chipmunk Voice. I thought about Skyping someone (like a potential date), using this exact voice, but the problem is that whenever I hear myself talk in a Chipmunk Voice, it totally cracks me up, Big Time! Lol..

Not being able to stop myself from laughing, of course, would make my potential date think I was crazy. Then, the potential date would pretty much be totally off, so…

BTW, the end of this short clip is a total crack-up…’re about to hear, why:

Please scroll down…





And, this next one is my shocking, Scary as Sh**” Voice. (Will you hold me?) I honestly never swear, but that’s how scary this is!

Whenever I hear it, I have nightmares all night long… I probably should just delete it for the sake of my mental health, but despite my terror of it, I find it strangely fascinating … almost mesmerizing … scintillauhhh, well, here’s the clip below!

Please scroll down…





Lastly, this one is my very own actual voice… in real life. I just wanted to reassure you that I really don’t have a Chipmunk Voice, a Grand Canyon Voice, or a Scary as Sh** Voice. I wouldn’t want you thinking like that.

Please scroll down…





Beyond Star Trek

Copyright BBYCGN



    1. Thanks, Eliza! Yes, it’s my voice, but on a Free Voice Changer that I downloaded as an app.

      I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to the titles on my posts on your site, yet. Things have been busy, or when I get ready to do it, it slips my mind bcuz I get distracted. I will try to get it done within next couple of days. If I forget, feel free to change the titles and slugs as you see fit.

      My dad needs me to babysit his gigantic dog for several days, too.


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            1. Eliza,

              Thank you for asking…I guess I got the days mixed up. I am not watching him, right now, after all. So, I am going to try to get to the titles, now, on your blog. I know you’d like them to be more specific, and this makes really good sense!


  1. Hahah these are brilliant! The chipmunk voice is so cute, I love it – I want to try that out, give someone a call with my voice like that and see what they say. The scary as sh*t voice really is pretty creepy, like something from a Scream movie. Thanks for the giggles – as far as boredom busters go, this is a good one! 🙂

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    1. Ya, I know…! The Chipmunk Voice cracks me up and I can’t stop!

      The Scary one is definitely creep-azoid. But, the very end of it is sorta funny when it wanders off.. LOL.

      Grand Canyon is super cool.

      I just went to App Store on my tablet and looked up “Free Voice Changers”. There are lots of different voices.

      If these are Free, I imagine that expensive Voice Changers must really be able to completely change a person’s voice to anything or anyone, gender, ETC., they desire!

      Thanks for you very cool comment, my friend 😃 😊

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  2. Hey Survival – Nika! Thanks for your comments on Tudor’s site. Appreciate what you said about BPD especially. I’m taking a break from there at the moment, otherwise I would have replied. But just wanted to let you know we have much in common. Your blog is awesome. Keep up your great work!

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    1. Thank you, Tigerchelle78! Your words are very kind ♥️. Please visit often as I think we have a lot in common, too, and it’d be nice to talk to someone who understands ♥️.

      If you have a site, too, I will follow you. If not, it’s okay. But, do visit, again.

      Big hugs ♥️


      1. Thank you Nika! You are amazing! And I will follow your site if that’s OK. I have serious trust issues. I did have a site, but didn’t have any followers except my hubby lol! I don’t think I wanna be out there in public too much now because I’m afraid of my family reading stuff or seeing me. I have to be careful. That’s why I have suedynyms and usually don’t put up pics of myself. I deleted my site on wordpress. I usually end up deleting everything. I’m insecure, although I’m a survivor like you. Too many people seem nice, but then are not. Whenever a person says they like me now, or are kind, I just say: “for how long?” That’s how it is now. I can’t deal with anymore loss. I would rather just not have anyone (friends) in first place. That’s how it is now.

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        1. You sound like me! BTW, I periodically take my site down, then put it back up, then take it down, ETC.. It’s exhausting…lol.

          I know about “too many people seem nice but they are not”… going thru this, right now. I am shocked, saddened, hurt, very angry, disappointed, disgusted, but mainly SHOCKED.

          So, between this one person, and then the Hoovering Narcissist (which I ignore, but he still infuriates me; plus, he’s married, now, and still Hoovering me!), I’m just … errr!

          I know that people are not perfect, and we all have our faults, but what I’m talking about is people who act like a forever-friend and then actually betray, and stab you in the back… and think nothing of it.

          Even when bringing it to this person’s attention in hopes that we can continue our friendship, they refuse to take accountability, and to make matters worse, they deflect the exact thing they have done right back onto me! (This is the problem I’m having with this “friend”).

          I just can’t believe it, but then again, I do believe it because I know how people can be. I shouldn’t be so shocked. Still, I am.

          Thank you for following me, I am humbled by your kindness. Write me anytime.

          If you prefer, my email address is:

          I am also on Pinterest and have most all my Memes on there. I am on Hubpages and Facebook, too. But, like I said, I periodically shut everything down. Ha haha.


  3. I’m dealing with my own N (close friend) at the moment again, which is difficult. My emotional thinking is haywire, and I’ve been sucked into the black hole once again. I’m sure you understand. Hope you didn’t mind me putting this here. Hugs to you x

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    1. Tigerchelle,

      I do not mind, at all. I, too, am going thru some issues with a Hoovering Narcissist, and a couple other people. I am very sensitive, and others can be so INsensitive that it just makes me want to shake some sense into them. It’s like, “How can they not get this???” I’ve been around too many toxic people all my life and now that I’m understanding what toxicity is about, it’s difficult for me to put up with it, and I seem to see it so clearly, now!

      I could give you several examples even right now! They seem to be popped out of the woodworks. Ugh.



      1. Nika, is it OK to call you that?

        We are good fuel providers I guess. I am more controlled than I use to be and make it harder now. I am developing patience and self control. It still needs some work – obviously! But I use my dealings with any N’s as testing for myself. To get better and stronger. I am getting better at dealing with these ones. One thing though is for us, we cannot switch our empathy off, it is too powerful… I guess with me, I always try to understand them too and want to reach them on some kind of level, (being on the same spectrum and all that ) as if to say: “its ok I get it, and I know why you are doing what you do”. Then I think, am I rationalizing their behaviour?! Surely that’s not right. But at the same time, when people understand my illness, and how it makes me, I appreciate it rather than just judge me. So I don’t know.

        But they gotta have it where they are in control, and they need to win etc. But control is an illusion. Its also a matter of perspective. Something they have not grasped. All we can do is control ourselves and what WE do and say. We have no control over another person. The only reason they manage to manipulate us in some form, is because of our own lack of control and reason. In other words they use our own weaknesses against us. So it is my goal, to strengthen my own weaknesses as much as I can. That means facing my own failings, and demons as it were. (Something of which the N’s cannot do). Growth is very painful. But we have to go through the pain and use it to our advantage. (Something N’s again cannot do). They do everything possible to avoid pain which makes them weak and brittle. We, take the pain and it makes us stronger in the end! We are made from tough stuff!
        Thank you so much x

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  4. That is a nice name. Mine is Michelle. Its not just the N’s I worry about, it is the lieutenants. Most of my family are lieutenants to my Patrinarc. So I have to watch what I say and do. Its awful, because i cant trust any of them! With them, there are always alterior motives. I have been betrayed, lied to, abused by many of them on his behalf, as well as himself. So when you have dealt with that for so long, and that was your normal. It becomes ingrained into you not to trust anyone. At least not completely.
    Never put all your eggs in one basket.
    Always have insurance…..all this stuff my father trained me with over the years. How to play mind games etc
    Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.
    I won’t keep writing here, as I don’t feel it would be right to fill up your blog.
    Please delete these messages after reading them, would that be OK?

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