5 Solutions! Narcissists

5 Solutions! Narcissists

5 Solutions! Narcissists

I thought that a real live prince had found me! I had no idea, whatsoever, that I had fallen in-love with a pulsating, pus-filled, wart-infested frog. I meanewww!

Due to the highly effective weapons that Narcissists utilize against their victims’ psyches, recovering from Narcissistic Abuse is more complex than a normal relationship breakup. After all, in normal relationships, our partners do not usually snack on live flies.

5 Solutions! Narcissists

It sucks when we find out that the individual in whom we so trustingly gave our whole heart is actually an amphibian dressed in a dashing suit and silk tie. It is a devastating blow.

The fly-breath should have been the first Red Flag, but… well, he was supposed to have been my freakin’ Prince Charming, and everything.

5 Solutions! Narcissists

Not only did this frog seriously bludgeon my heart, but my mental and emotional health had also been compromised by his severe manipulation, mind-games, brainwashing, and the lightening-quick speed in which he was constantly snatching up flies, from out of the air, with his tongue. (He did cleverly pretend to put every bit of attention onto me, but it was difficult to ignore his ongoing freak-show with the flies).

5 Solutions! Narcissists

Consequently, due to my resulting heartbreak over this flashy amphibian, I decided to brainstorm and come up with some ideas to help with the healing of my heart. Thus, the 5 Healing Solutions were born (and they work, too!).

5 Solutions to Narcissists

5 Solutions:

1). Hydrate

Keep heart well-hydrated: 

Drink plenty of self-love, with continuous sips of positive self-talk, and affirmations, throughout the day, to raise self-esteem;

5 Solutions to Narcissists

2). Nourish

Keep heart well-nourished:

Choose a diet rich in the wholesome company of those, in whom, can be found sincerity, honesty, and integrity (remember: actions talk, not words);

3). Tone

Keep heart well-toned:

Exercise heart frequently, by serving others in joy, love, and compassion, while also being careful not to strain, or fracture the heart by allowing those who might be of an unscrupulous character, to misuse it;

5 Solutions to Narcissists

4). Condition

Keep heart well-conditioned: 

Do not allow the fear of another heartbreak to coerce the heart into the unhealthy stiffness of becoming hardened, withdrawn, or overly closed-up (just take precautions);

5). Activity

Keep heart beating:

Resume normal falling in-love activities only when heart is strong enough to develop endurance of personal boundaries, which will not be compromised (even for a ‘suit and silk tie’, or a ‘pretty smile’).

5 Solutions to Narcissists

5 Solutions- Future Frogs

I am hopeful that these tips, will help others, as well!

Thank you

Reasons To Live

1 Peter 5:7

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.


Copyright BBYCGN

5 Solutions to Narcissists

5 Solutions to Narcissists

5 Solutions to Narcissists


  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been so compromised by such nastiness and manipulation again, but the lessons you’ve learned and the strength you’ve honed as a result are inspiring. Such insipid losers can croak off! I love this post, and I think you’ve made some good point in nourishing ourselves and toning the heart without closing yourself off, which is a go-to defence (from my experience) when dealing with hurt and betrayal. Sending hugs,
    Caz xxxx

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  2. So I know you wanted me to do a written blog Nika, which I did, for a while, but still didn’t have any followers. I was trying to educate ones on borderline personality disorder and how it is different than NPD, but because of being on the same spectrum, there would be some overlapping traits. Many just see Cluster B, which is BPD, NPD, anti social and histrionic personality disorders and just think we are all the same. I had many visitors though. So now I’ve just done one that won’t even get noticed…. Just showing my art. I don’t think I’ve had one visitor even lol! But then that’s good because I hate having the pressure to please others.

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  3. I just have put the link to my art one right now…. I have put the link on my YouTube channel, instagram and Facebook, and its had some views and visitors since so that’s cool….

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  4. Narc, sociopaths are like that really cheap furniture you can buy, and you think it’s all good, then you realise underneath it’s just nasty cheap chipboard with a paintjob, to make it look like expensive wood. Yup, that’s them right there!

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