Sweeter Than Honey

Sweeter Than Honey, BBYCGN

Sweeter Than Honey –

Smoother than silk,

more luxurious than velvet,

sweeter than fresh-spun honey,

and more fragrant than a newly bloomed rose

is the profound Love of Jesus Christ

that is so generously spent each moment,

for every soul.

We need only trust,

and then act in this faith.

His Love is divine!

His Love is sweeter than honey!

Sweeter Than Honey, BBYCGN

Copyright ©BBYCGN


    1. No one is forcing anyone to read this post. If anyone is offended, then this is their choice because they are choosing to read it. I will not stop writing about The Lord because I am afraid of offending someone. People will always be offended for one reason, or another, so I will speak the Truth. But really, no one has written to me saying they are offended. I’ve only received positive feedback. I wish you well. ♥️


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