Best Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist

Best Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist

Best Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist –

Contained in a Smear Campaign against me, the person states that I “ensnared a Sociopathic Narcissist, H.G. Tudor (poor sadistic thing!).”

I feel that this woman is giving me way too much credit. She claims that I am the “predator”, and he is the Sociopathic “innocent”. (I am more clever than I ever imagined!).

I have thought more on this matter, and if this is the case, then I must plan to write a Best Seller on “Ensnaring A Sociopathic Narcissist in Three Easy Steps”. Oprah Winfrey will invite me on her show; (no thanks, Jerry Springer).

I will also put out advertisements in all the major newspapers offering my capturing skills to those plagued by these diabolical predators.

On the cover of my book, I could display myself with one foot on top of a platform, as I dangle a whip from my hand, above a crouching Sociopathic Narcissist depicted as the innocent victim; I would be the savage, holding back this dark entity from the evil duties he would, otherwise, carry out… since time is fuel!

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Best Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist

Best Seller, Narcissistic Sociopath

Best Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist, BBYCGNBest Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist, BBYCGNBest Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist, BBYCGNBest Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist, BBYCGNBest Seller, Sociopathic Narcissist, BBYCGN


  1. They go after what they lack in themselves. Simple as that.

    If you are a really kind, loving human being, who is sensitive, empathic, who feels genuinely, and actually cares about people. Who despite everything, has not let this world and what goes on in it, desensitize them to the point that they have become hardened and callous, but chooses to still have a huge heart that believes in love and hope and puts in effort to do the right thing. Sees the good in others, and likes to encourage and lift up…..

    Then unfortunately these ones will naturally attract such sociopathic types, narcs etc, because they do not have naturally within themselves or have not cultivated within themselves, (despite any abuse they may have suffered at the hands of others), these qualities and they choose to be dark, selfish, and greedy. They choose to be animalistic and fleshly. God created us in his image, and he is the personification of Love. If you do not have love, then you are drawing away from him and only getting closer to his arch enemy, the devil. Everyone has a choice. It is easy to do wrong, but takes effort to do what is right in this world, and there is a reason for that. But effort is rewarded with inner peace and happiness. Those that just do bad and concentrate on satisfying themselves do not know this type of inner joy and happiness.

    What we find difficult is distinguishing those that can harm us, but I feel we are making good progress with this. Now that we have both had much experience, and dealt with our own addiction-like tendencies.


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