Thank You, Heroes!

Thank You, Heroes

Unexpected fury;

 blazing daggers;

stunning speed;

eyes aglow;

bloodied fangs


ancient hate.



permeates the air;

thick, yellow hoses

heave out liquid


blurred haze.



burning flames


their destruction.


All is quiet,

save for thick tongues

licking up leftover

water spills

off black asphalt.


Thank you, Firefighters, Soldiers, Police Officers, Butte County Sheriff, First Responders, and All Heroes Everywhere!

Butte County Strong!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Thank You, Heroes

Paladins Strike – Firefighters Tribute

Eagle’s Wings – Soldiers Tribute

Heroes – Tribute & Dedication


    1. Thank you so much, Gbolabo ❤ I am honored to receive this lovely compliment from such a prolific writer, as yourself. ❤

      Tamara 🙂


    2. I am indebted to Firefighters, Military Soldiers, and Police Officers who help protect our lives and freedom.


    1. Our modern day heroes are a far cry from the everyday villains. Firefighters, Soldiers, and Police Officials help bring back the faith of humanity. They are the Brave Warriors.


      1. Most of them, but not all.
        I live in Detroit where the reality is that white cops kill black people.
        Authorities of all kinds are filled with villains.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, there is good behavior and deceitful behavior, everywhere. But, speaking of true Firefighters, Soldiers, and Police Officers, they are heroic individuals.

          The masked when they are truly doing the brave, sacrificial work of being Firefighters, Soldiers, and Police Officers.


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