Feast For The Eyes

Feast For The Eyes –

Languidly intoxicated,

tangy-sweet perfume

gently stirs the air,

while velvet warmth

caresses my bare shoulders,

and I melt.

Shrill melodies

sing out, from glistening,

scarlet-tinted ribbons

fluttering about,

and fade into the blue,

I die softly.

Régal Pour Les Yeux

A mon ami bien-aimé!

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Feast For The Eyes, BBYCGNFeast For The Eyes, BBYCGNFeast For The Eyes, BBYCGNFeast For The Eyes, BBYCGN




  1. I am trying to smooth things over a bit because I do not wish to live in hate, bitterness, or anger.

    I enjoy some of my funny posts, but I am trying to steer clear of the judgments and stark darkness in which others employ. Being mean and spiteful is not who I am.

    I got my anger out, and now I am done with it. I want to return to be my true self resting in God’s Love Hope, and Joy.


    1. Yes I have one, you may find helpful….
      Also I don’t think you saw my suicide ideation one too. You are the only one who really comments on them any way. So thank you for that. Its kind of you.
      I’m sorry if I’ve not seemed to be supportive. I am not good at balance. Sometimes I can go too far one way. It is not easy, as I struggle with addiction myself, and we all have withdrawals.
      So if I’ve wronged you I am sorry. I am premenstrual, and hormones do affect me bad…. They always have. I have to fight extra hard when I’m hormonal…. I have PMDD, so it means my premenstrual symptoms start a good 10 days before period….

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