Healing Wings

Healing Wings, BBYCGN

Healing Wings

Soft, kind hearts are prone to breakage. 

If scar tissue builds up, 

in the healing process, 

hardening of the heart 

might occur. 

Let’s not allow scar tissue 

to build up!


let’s take 

upon ourselves 

the Wings of God’s healing power, 

and rise above our broken-hearted afflictions!

He will surely give us peace 

and resolution if, only, 

we trust in Him to do so!

Copyright ©BBYCGN 



Healing Wings, BBYCGN

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  1. That’s the thing about broken hearts, and I would say mine has been smashed to pieces quite a few times. You can get bitter, and hard hearted, and become somewhat desensitized which you think may protect you.
    You can tell if a person has become hardened or calloused over time. They can become more selfish and generally start not having so much empathy and compassion.
    But to keep your heart soft and feeling yet protecting it at the same time, takes time and a delicate balance.
    There is a scripture in Matthew 10:16, where Jesus told his followers that he was sending them out as sheep amongst wolves and to be cautious as serpents and yet innocent as a doves. So maybe the answer is there.

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      1. Thank you, but its the bible – God’s word that has the wisdom not me I think. I am terribly unwise at times as you well know…..
        There is a reason this book has survived all the centuries it has…..

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          1. Aw thank you Nika! God’s word is probably one of few things you can trust. Because it has never changed. Despite churches and different religions adopting many other concepts or pagan ideas or even false teachings, if its not backed by scripture than its not going to have any foundation. The bible is a good ruler if you like to measure everything else up against. If someone says something, and does not back it up, then its simply just their own views/ideas and they are tickling the ears of any often to gain popularity, or to seek some position or prestige.

            Thanks for your words Nika xx

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    1. Jennifer, ♥️ I was not thinking of this particular Bible Verse when I wrote this post. It is a beautiful verse, but one I had actually forgotten until just now. Thank you for reminding me!

      Really, I have so much I want to share and express about The Lord, but when I get ready to do so, I become blocked in my mind, and decide that none of my words can do His Love justice. But, I wish I could make my entire blog about Him. ♥️

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      1. You are most welcome, dear! Again, with this one, why don’t you invite Holy Spirit to come and fill you up as you write? For Him to write through you? He will surely do so when you ask Him to! I feel Him putting the words into my heart as I type them out, and He gives generously to all without finding fault when we ask with the trusting faith of a little child! ❤

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