Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes –

A manic beast’s colossal appetite prompted its spontaneous devouring of the entire city of Paradise, California, in only a two day time-span.

Contaminants fill the air making it thick and muggy. The importance of showering after outside exposure cannot be over-emphasized.

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

In regard to the Paradise Camp Fire, I have been spotless lately (not that I wasn’t clean before the fire, but now I am squeaky clean). I have been using body lotion so that I do not accidentally sand the paint off the walls in which I come in contact.

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

I just want to take this opportunity to, once again, thank all of the amazing and brave heroes who continue to battle the Paradise Camp Fire: Firefighters, CalFire Units, Police Officers, First Responders, Emergency Rescue Teams, California National Guards, American Soldiers, Calvary Scouts, and Sheriffs.

I am grateful to everyone who risks their lives during National Disasters to help rescue, protect, secure, support, and give hope and freedom to those who have been hit by life-threatening catastrophes from manic beasts.

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

These same heroes who risk their lives daily, to help others, are also victims, themselves, of the same catastrophic disasters in which we all suffer.

However, these Individuals of Valor (who have, also, had their own homes, possessions, and even loved ones’ lives destroyed) continue on for days, weeks, and even months on end, facing these manic beasts, so that we, ourselves, need not do so.

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

My admiration and gratitude is immense for all of these heroic individuals who continue the battle.

Thank you!


Paradise Camp Fire HeroesParadise Camp Fire HeroesParadise Camp Fire HeroesParadise Camp Fire Heroes

Paradise Camp Fire Heroes

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