Butte County, Heroes

Butte County, Heroes, BBYCGN

Butte County, Heroes, November 2018 –

Hungry were the flames that lit up, and devoured tall pines trees in merely seconds! Daytime turned eerily into midnight due to all of the smoke.

The Copper Beast melted stores, restaurants, and businesses as if they were butter.

The restless winds were the transportation method used by these destructive flames to destroy an entire city in only two days in the Butte CampFire.

As I drove through, infuriated flames, the Devil’s scalding breath against my skin, even through the closed windows of my vehicle, were reminiscent of nothing I had ever experienced before.

Butte County, Heroes

Thank our Lord, I am safe, for now. My family is safe. I hold up my hands in praise to The Lord, Jesus Christ, for sparing my life, as well as my loved ones lives. Ultimately, this is all that really matters. I got my dogs, cats, and bunny-rabbit out safely, too, and we all fled from the Copper Beast, together.

I talked to God, and thought about my family during the surreal trip into the nearby city. It was a slow, yet hurried, congestion of traffic. The brave Firefighters, Rescue Workers, and Law Officers stayed behind to battle the Blazing Giant.

God kept me in peace, despite the external catastrophe. No matter what I might have lost to this ravenous Beast, I did not lose my God, and for this reason, alone, I am still whole, as is my family.

I thank the brave firefighters, as well. They battle terrible Beasts as a way of life! For us, it is an emergency situation, but for Firefighters, it is an everyday occurrence. They are heroes! Life is dear.

Soldiers, too, I thank. Because of the bravery of soldiers, opportunity exists in our freedom, to rebuild or relocate and rebound from such tragedy, with a new spirit of strength and hope! Freedom is dear.

My utter appreciation for the police and sheriffs, as well as all rescue workers, and First Responders, for protecting us from looters, crime, and countless criminal activities! Safety is dear.

Thank You!

Butte Strong!


Butte County, Heroes, BBYCGNButte County, Heroes, BBYCGNButte County, Heroes, BBYCGN

Butte County, Heroes



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  1. I am happy you got out safely. I am also happy you got your pets out as well. I pray your house is alright. I pray for those brave firefighters who put their lives on the line each day doing as you say as a living. God bless them all and keep them safe. God bless you my friend and stay safe.

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      1. You are welcome Nika. All the praise goes to God and His Son Jesus Christ in these dire circumstances. Yes blessings are due to the Firefighters, Police Officers and all the rescue crews and your soldiers who kept you safe and got you all out.

        Liked by 1 person

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