Night Watchers

Night Watchers


Respecters of life;

Generous givers of liberty and freedom;

Guardians of human and animal welfare;

Firefighters, American Soldiers, Police Officers & Rescue Workers Rock!

Heroes who sacrifice their own lives 24 hours a day to save ours;

Warriors! Defenders! Guardian Angels! Brothers’ Keepers!

Night-Watchers, as we sleep soundly in their protection;

Fighting a good fight morning, day & night.

Deserving great respect! 


Night Watchers, Yancosky

Night Watchers, YancoskyNight Watchers, Yancosky

Night Watchers, Yancosky

Angry Dragon of PTSD


November 2018


    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. ♥️ It is suppose to have come out looking like a circle, and I hope it did on everybody else’s end. It’s difficult to make concrete poems on my IPAD.


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