Changes Coming Soon!

Changes Coming Soon, BBYCGN

Changes Coming Soon!

You might already know that I am meticulously organized in a chaotically disorganized sort of way. The times that I should head forward, it is then that I tread backwards, and visa-versa. (I think it is a genetic mutation).

Changes are coming soon; I will roll up my WordPress Blog and Pinterest Accounts, and saying “Good Bye” to one, and all. (I might still keep my Hubpages  Account, however).

When this change happens, it will leave me with feelings of warmth and gratitude for all of my friends, here, on WordPress, and Pinterest .

I wish to put all of my writings into a binder, or book, and keep them for my family and friends.

Though I love all of my online companions, I am not much of a Social Media type of person.

Hmm… I am not sure when the day will arrive to bid farewell, but it will happen when it happens. I am not much of a planner, but I do things spontaneously.

But, for the time being, I am still here… today, and at this very moment.  In thought to this, I wish you all a blessed and happy Saturday filled with comfort, love, and substantial gifts from above!

♥️ Love ♥️


Changes Coming Soon, BBYCGNChanges Coming Soon, BBYCGN
Changes Coming Soon, BBYCGNChanges Coming Soon, BBYCGN
Changes Coming Soon, BBYCGN

Changes Coming Soon, BBYCGN


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Backwards People


    1. Oh, I am sorry 😞. I don’t want you to be sad. Maybe I will stick around for awhile, yet. 💕💕💕 xxx Big Hugs xxx 💕💕💕


      1. I will understand if you decided to leave, more than anyone.. Before you do, consider the pros and cons which option is more healing for you, a complete detachment or expressing your emotions to process them. You might need both.
        The virtual intellectual seduction, devaluation and discard by a greater cerebral is unexplored. It is a new fringe territory, left with no advice or method to battle. It can be as or more dangerous to mental health, because it is rare and not understood. It comes with the new technology, and affects only a very small percentage of both predators and victims.
        I think a complete detachment is the only sensible advice here. The ‘effects’ of such virtual ensnarement and addiction can be very severe in nature, experienced both mentally and physically.
        All I’m saying is I am here if you need to detoxify by talking it through.

        xo ED

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        1. When did the ‘ghosting’ begin?
          As to the Faves on the blog, they put themselves thru torture of humiliation vying for scraps of attention, often dismissed. And all they do is build a facade of the blog, thinking they are the next IPPS of his.

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          1. This was a result of a study of Serena Nightshade, a greater narcissist, her work and her actions i followed thru her smear campaign against me after I exposed her on my blog (hidden file now).
            And I compared her to HG Tudor who came into the picture at that time. It’s strange but I followed a link to his YouTube channel from SN’s flying monkey comments.

            The Volatile is usually a female greater narcissist, so is more emotional, more paranoid, and less meticulous in calculation which results in mistakes.

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            1. Tudor is not S. Nightshade, although I think they’ve exchanged a lot of emails between her and her flying monkey GA.
              Ive slain both greater narcissists, the Rational and the Volatile, last year.


  1. Aw I’ve only just found your blog after you liked some of my posts, and you’ll be leaving WordPress… I think when we need change, we have to do what’s right for us, whenever and whatever that may be. Printing things out to keep sounds like a lovely idea though. If you do leave WP, I’ll wish you all the very best with where you go from here, and if you don’t I’ll look forward to reading more 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Caz,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Eventually, I do plan to leave for good, but I will still be on for awhile. As I take the lengthy time needed to set up for my final departure, I will continue posting ❤️.

      Thank you, my friend!


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        1. This is such a kind thing for you to say. I am going to go and check out your own writings so I can see what it is that you write about! Message me anytime!
          Big Hugs,


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          1. Thanks Tamara 🙂
            Mostly I try to write reasons to live (aiming to get to 1000, with other people’s help hopefully), though I do often blog randomly too (and feel guilt for it, for it’s meant to be reasons!)

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  2. I love how you describe yourself as “meticulously organized in a chaotically disorganized sort of way”, I think I’m the same!

    I’m so sorry that you’ll be leaving your WordPress blog. Putting all of your writing into a binder is a lovely idea though, to keep hold of what you’ve achieved and to look back and what you’ve done, how far you’ve come.

    I will admit the whole smear campaign and ‘ghosting’, obsession thing from that person goes over my head a little, but I hate that someone can use and abuse others online like that. Just shows the pathetic nature of a person to be so vindictive, and that perhaps they have crap going on in their lives that they take out on others in a realm that’s more anonymous.

    What I wanted to say was I will be very sad to see you leave, and though I’d only more recently discovered and started following your blog, I think you have a lot of great things to add to the Blogosphere. BUT, you also need to do what’s right for you. You could always stick around to message others, interact with other bloggers, without the pressure of running your own blog. Or you could cut off completely for a fresh start. It’s all up to you, just do what’s right for you, whenever the time is right. Sending love and hugs,
    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you, Caz, for such a kind and sweet comment. I am going to be here for a lot longer than when I previously wrote that.

      I don’t know why this post is showing as a newly written post, but I actually wrote it about 6 weeks ago. So, it’s not terribly new.

      But, your comment is precious to me, and means a lot to me. ♥️

      Big Hugs!


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